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    Kristin Davis’ Makeup-Free Natural Selfie From Kenya Wins Hearts After Being Ridiculed For Using Filters

    Kristin Davis, the iconic Charlotte from Sex And The City,’ just dropped a bombshell selfie on Instagram! No makeup, no filters, just pure, unadulterated fabulousness all the way from Kenya! Looks like the queen has had enough of haters and now she wants to kill them with kindness.

    Because there’s more to this story than meets the eye, well eye of the first-time watchers. The real fans who’ve been here for a while know that Kristin had given to the temptation of the perfect face. The ‘Sex And The City’ star has gone under the knife and while she’s never been ashamed of the fact, she hasn’t been fully herself. Well, not anymore! 

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    Kristin Davis’s Relationship With Beauty Standards

    Kristin Davis vacationing in Kenya
    Kristin Davis vacationing in Kenya

    Last year, our beloved Kristin, at the age-defying 59, revealed in a Telegram interview that she decided to ditch the facial fillers that had tongues wagging and keyboards clacking. And boy, did the internet have opinions! But our girl’s not one to be kept down, not for long anyway, we all have our moments. Fast forward to now, and she’s back with a face as natural as the air of Kenya. Talk about the perfect comeback!

    In her latest Instagram post, Kristin’s serving up some serious vacation vibes from Kenya. With her brunette locks dancing in the African sun and a killer smile that could light up Broadway, she’s a vision of natural beauty. And can we talk about that caption? “Jet lagged, but the Kenya hair is worth it.” Oh, is that how good a jet lag looks like when you’re Kristin Davis?

    Fans are loving every second of this makeup-free moment, showering Kristin with praise for her raw and real authenticity. It’s a powerful reminder that beauty isn’t about filters or fillers; it’s about owning who you are and loving every bit of it and Davis has made peace with that battle.

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