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    ‘Sex And The City’: Why Did Carrie And Aidan Break Up?

    Four women, something in their forty discuss sex, relationship, and nanny problems. That’s ‘Sex and The City‘ in a nutshell, but it also gushes with a fresh wave of feminism. The spirit of the show is kept alive through its movies and a sequel which was renewed for season two in March 2022. It stars the same cast throughout the franchise – Sarah Jessica Parker, Kristin Davis, Kim Cattrall, and Cynthia Nixon in the lead. Carrie Bradshaw (Parker) is at the center of the drama and the story follows her and the lives of her three friends simultaneously through their ups and downs.

    The series is adapted from Candace Bushnell’s newspaper column and 1996 book anthology of the same name. Actually, for privacy issues, Candance changed the name to Carrie Bradshaw in the book. Indulging in each character’s life was definitely a guilty pleasure. As many shipped Carrie and ‘Big’, there were fans of Aidan being an endgame for Carrie. But to fans’ disappointment, Carrie and Aidan broke up.

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    Why Carrie And Aidan Split On ‘Sex And The City’?

    We all grieved and wept when Aidan and Carrie broke up. He seemed to be the man for her, unlike her toxic ex Big. Since their first date, both realized there is nothing common between them. This sole factor was enough to bind them both together. Unlike the other men in Carrie’s life, Aidan wanted to take the relationship slow and respected her boundaries as well. But every good thing eventually comes to an end. The pair broke up twice during the show.

    The first time, the pair broke up was because Carrie cheated on Aiden with her ex- ‘Big’. Okay, that break-up felt personal and emotional, as everyone was rooting for Carrie and Aidan. Years, after they bump into each other realizing their feelings, are still intact, the pair gets engaged. But seeing everything stable, Carrie freaked out, knowing that he still did not trust her. With Carrie struggling to move fast and get married, Aidan broke up with Carrie for good. He got the closure and life he deserved and wanted.

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    Who Sid Carrie Finally End up With?

    Heartbroken fans of Aiden and Carrie never recovered from the breakup. But as for Carrie, she had to move on from Aiden and build a life for herself. But it’s undeniable that Carrie and ‘Big’s’ love affair was considered the most fantastic romance in television history. So it was natural that they end up together. After all, everything does go back to toxic exes! But Big did change for Carrie realizing that she was the woman for him.

    In the series finale, ‘Big’ and Carrie reconciled and started a new beginning. Four years later, when the movie was released, shockingly the couple was still together, married. Sadly, Big left the alter, leading to another breakup. Seven months later, the couple goes through a successful marriage, until the sequel of the series: ‘And Just like That‘. ‘Big’ dies in the premiere episode of the prequel series, leaving Carrie and us in tears. The prequel marked the end of a fairytale love story.

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