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    Kylie Jenner Drops Selfies In Bubblegum Pink Hair On Instagram, Brings Back Her ‘King Kylie’ Era

    Kylie Jenner has emerged as a notable name in Hollywood for her makeup brand, followed by her reality TV presence. The star has also been in the limelight lately for her romance with ‘Wonka‘ star Timothée Chalamet. Her presence at the Golden Globes with her beau grabbed eyeballs and dominated the headlines for quite a while.

    Now the Kardashian-Jenner clan member has taken the beauty world by storm with her latest Instagram post. Kylie showcased a vibrant bubblegum pink hair color in her story, bringing back memories from 2016 when she had the same color of hair for a while.

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    Is Kylie Jenner Back In Her ‘King Kylie’ Era With Her Pink Hairdo?

    Kylie Jenner in her ‘King Kylie’ era (Image: Getty)

    26-year-old Kylie Jenner shared a series of three selfies, revealing her chic transformation with bubblegum pink hair. In the shots, Jenner struck her signature smize pose, allowing her pink waves to take over the spotlight. The bubblegum hue perfectly complemented her blushed cheeks and rosy lipstick, adding to her effortlessly chic look.

    However, it is unclear if the photos she has shared are old or if she has gone back to the era when she frequently pulled off vibrant hair colors. In any case, fans are excited, though some of them are curious to know if Kylie is back in her ‘King Kylie’ era.

    The term ‘King Kylie’ era refers to a period when the model had a penchant for grunge aesthetics and vibrant hairstyles. Kylie herself seemingly intended to get her fans to revisit the past as she captioned the photos with a cheeky nod to her the ‘King Kylie’ era. “Hiiiii remember me,” she wrote.

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    Jenner Is Known For Her Vibrant Hairdos

    Kylie Jenner in her ‘King Kylie’ era (Image: Getty)

    In her earlier millennial pink hairdos, the star had also pulled off metallic bangs and layers during the 2016 New York Fashion Week, a rose-gold mane in 2017, and a sleek pastel look in 2020.

    While it remains unclear whether these photos are throwbacks, or captured fresh after a recent bleaching and coloring session or a wig showcase, fans are loving the nostalgic vibes. Fans on social media flooded the comments section as they praised the look.

    Many also speculate that the bold style could be a part of an upcoming Kylie Cosmetics photoshoot, as the brand is set to launch a new foundation packaged in a pink-capped bottle on January 17.

    Jenner has had a history of experimenting with various haircuts and lengths in recent months. She has tried everything from trendy bowl cuts to the sleek ‘wet look’ previously pulled off by her sister Kim Kardashian at the Met Gala. However, her love for natural black hair is persistent and she keeps going back to them.

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