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    Leonardo DiCaprio Reaches Hamptons With Yet Another Young Mystery Woman

    The ‘Titanic’ star has become quite a lady’s man. He has made the news quite a few times recently as he was seen in public with many unknown ladies. No one really knows what Leonardo DiCaprio is up to. Just after hosting model Neelam Gill and her friends on his mega yacht, the superstar has been spotted with yet another unknown lady. 

    Today we will take a look at who Leonardo DiCaprio was seen with. We will discuss who this mystery woman is and where the two of them were headed. The Hollywood A-lister was enjoying his European holiday recently. So let’s take a look at all the details. 

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    Who Was Leonardo DiCaprio Spotted With?

    Leonardo DiCaprio making his way to the Hamptons
    Leonardo DiCaprio making his way to the Hamptons

    The ‘Shutter Island’ star was recently spotted getting off his helicopter while making his way to the Hamptons. DiCaprio was seen with a mysterious woman. They landed in New York and got in a black SUV to reach the Hamptons. 

    Leonardo DiCaprio was spotted wearing comfortable travel clothes. He had on a white tee, shorts and sneakers with a baseball cap and sunglasses. And his lady friend looked stunning in a bomber jacket over a black bralette. She also had on cropped pants, heels, sunglasses and a hat. The duo were photographed as they drove off towards the Hamptons. 

    Because the lady had her face shielded by the cap and sunglasses, her face could not be made out. So it is uncertain who this mystery woman is. Is she just a friend of DiCaprio’s or are they dating? Sources have not confirmed any news about the actor dating someone new. 

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    Who Is Leonardo DiCaprio Dating?

    Leonardo DiCaprio
    Leonardo DiCaprio

    Leonardo DiCaprio’s dating life is very complicated. The actor definitely has a type and it is mainly models. The 48-year-old actor was last associated with model Gigi Hadid. However, after dating for a short while they realized that they lacked the spark in their relationship. 

    After that, DiCaprio has been seen with multiple women. He was seen having dinner with Neelam Gill and Tobey Macguire. Relationship rumors started between him and Gill after they were seen eating out together multiple times. However, later sources revealed that Gill was dating one of DiCaprio’s friends. 

    The ‘Catch Me If you Can’ star was also spotted with model Meghan Roche on his yacht in Ibiza. Currently, it is very uncertain who the actor is dating since he has not given any statements. It seems that DiCaprio is enjoying his single life as much as he can. 

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