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    “Like You’ve Never Seen Me Before”: John Cena Leaves Fans Shocked With Contents Of His New OnlyFans Account

    John Cena is a rare celebrity who transitioned from the world of sports to the glamorous world of Hollywood and made the best of both. The star has amassed a huge fanbase with his talents intact in the field of wrestling as well as acting. Ahead of his upcoming project as an actor, John Cena has resorted to an OnlyFans account on social media — or so he recently claimed.

    But the wrestler-turned-actor has done it with an interesting twist. Cena dropped the bombshell on his X account Thursday afternoon, inviting his 14.2 million followers to witness him in a way they’ve “never seen before.” Little did the fans know that there was a cheeky surprise waiting for them in the account.

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    Fans Are Shocked After What They Saw In John Cena’s OnlyFans Account

    John Cena (Image: Getty)
    John Cena (Image: Getty)

    John Cena is seemingly promoting his next film as he posted an update on X, stating that he has started an OnlyFans account, where his fans would get exclusive access to updates about him. The post directs fans to the subscription platform, with a mischievous “Link in bio @onlyfans.”

    …Like you’ve never seen me before,” John Cena teased the 14.2 million followers on his official X account. “Subscribe at the link in bio. @onlyfans,” he further wrote. He also shared a video of two fans blowing against a blue background.

    The clever move turns out to be a promotional masterstroke ahead of Cena’s upcoming film ‘Ricky Stanicky‘. On what he claimed to be an “OnlyFans” account, Cena took on the role of Ricky that he plays in this upcoming film alongside Zac Efron, Jermaine Fowler, and Andrew Santino.

    The OnlyFans account has a profile picture and banner featuring the wrestler in character as Ricky. The page, slyly launched to resonate with the film’s theme, has already attracted over 7,000 followers. John Cena just pulled off a clever trick on his fans by seamlessly blending promotion with entertainment.

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    “He Just Ruined His Legacy”: Fans React To John Cena’s OnlyFans Account Announcement

    John Cena (Image: Getty)
    John Cena (Image: Getty)

    As the news first broke out about the actor starting an OnlyFans account, many fans were disappointed. They promptly took to social media to express their disappointment.

     “He just ruined his legacy,” one fan wrote with the news. “I’m about to block you for lying,” the other one wrote. “No… wrestling idol….” another quipped, while a fourth one added, “Pretty sure he’s method acting. Insane though, that he or the studio would push marketing this way.”

    John Cena’s upcoming film ‘Ricky Stanicky‘ explores the story of three friends who invent an imaginary scapegoat, Ricky Stanicky, to take the blame for their misadventures. As the movie’s official synopsis reveals, the trio’s elaborate plan to avoid responsibility takes an unexpected turn when their concocted friend becomes the center of attention.

    The trio then enlists the services of a washed-up actor and celebrity impersonator, played by Cena himself, to bring the fictional character to life. But they soon realize that their imaginary friend might not be as easy to control as they thought. With Cena’s flair for humor and a great story narrative, ‘Ricky Stanicky‘ promises several laugh-out-loud moments.

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