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    Madonna Gives It Back To The Trolls After Getting Trolled Over Her Naked NFT Videos

    The 63-year-old pop icon, Madonna is known for her bizarre moves. The buzz follows wherever she goes. The Queen of Pop recently collaborated with a digital artist to create 3D models of her private parts. She has made her way into the world of non-fungible tokens through the Mother of Creation Collection.

    “I’m Giving Birth To Art And Creativity,” Said Madonna


    Soon after her 3D videos were made, netizens accused her that she was desperate for attention. Finally, the pop star has broken her silence and has come up with a comeback to the trolls. Madonna told the digital artist Mike Winklemann aka Beeple, “I’m doing what women have been doing since the beginning of time, which is giving birth.”

    But on a more existential level, I’m giving birth to art and creativity and we would be lost without both,” she further added.

    Madonna went on to say, “I think it’s really important that a lot of thought and conversation went into creating these videos. My journey through life as a woman is like that of a tree. Starting with a small seed, always pushing against the resistance of the Earth. The endless weight of gravity.”

    Shocking Reveal That Invited The Trolling


    Madonna’s recent creation of 3D videos Features trees and butterflies coming out of her vagina. it also involves giving birth to insects through her private part. This seems to have baffled the fans. One fan asked, “I guess the only question is why would she feel compelled to do such a thing?”

    “OMFG. . … just when you thought it couldn’t get more bizarre,” someone else tweeted. “Nope. Not even remotely interested in seeing a 3D model of ANY of Madonna’s ‘private parts,’” wrote one user.

    The auction of the 3D videos started on 11th May on SuperRare.

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