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    Marvel Has Reeled In New Frontrunner For Sentry After Steven Yeun’s Exit

    Ever since the exit of all original Avengers, Marvel has been through a turbulent journey. Despite the box-office failures, Marvel has several projects lined up including one of the most anticipated projects Thunderbolts.

    The fans are enraptured as their favorite anti-heroes like The Winter Soldier, Red Guardian, and Yelena Belova, will feature on the same screen. But above all, the comic book favorite character Sentry is set to make its MCU debut played by Steven Yeun.

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    Lewis Pullman Is Offered The Role of Sentry In Thunderbolts

    Brie Larson and Lewis Pullman star in Apple TV series 'Lessons In Chemistry'
    Brie Larson and Lewis Pullman star in Apple TV series ‘Lessons In Chemistry’

    Marvel fans were immensely excited for ‘Thunderbolts’, as it will feature Marvel’s old and iconic villains together in a team. The excitement for the upcoming film was double-folded as Sentry would finally make his MCU debut, and Steven Yeun would be reprising it. But the excitement did not last long, as Yeun decided to walk out from the project.

    Just as Steven Yeun called quits from the Marvel film, the franchise did not waste time to give the role to the next frontrunner, who is none other than Lewis Pullman. It was reported by Daniel Richtman on X when he tweeted that Marvel has reportedly offered the titular role to Lewis Pullman.

    The actor has already starred alongside Brie Larson in the drama series ‘Lessons in Chemistry’. The pair were appreciated for their chemistry, making the fans want him to play the role of Sentry now more than ever.

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    Why Did Steven Yeun Leave The Project?

    Steven Yeun (Image: GQ)
    Steven Yeun (Image: GQ)

    In February 2023, reports of Steven Yeun appearing as Sentry in the MCU excited the fans. However, Marvel never confirmed the casting officially. Sadly, the joy was short-lived as The Hollywood Reporter broke that Steven Yeun left the project and the role was passed on to the next frontrunner, Lewis Pullman.

    Daniel Richtman, the scooper described how Yeun’s Sentry had one of the best suit-ups in the entire MCU. Sadly, the project was massively delayed due to the strikes, causing huge delays, and forcing The Walking Dead actor to walk away from the project. However, the actor has not officially commented on the issue.

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