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    Matty Healy Was “Completely Blindsided” By Taylor Swift’s Songs About Him, But Now Finds Them “Hilarious”. Here’s Why

    Taylor Swift‘s recently released album ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘ added another feather to her cap with its outstanding receipt by fans worldwide. White the pop sensation is at the zenith of her career, the album has been deemed as a masterpiece in terms of the song lyrics, which she has quite skillfully directed at her exes Joe Alwyn and Matty Healy.

    While her fans were anticipating that the songs would be about Alwyn, the reference to Healy were a huge surprise. Though the singer never really confirmed the dedications of her songs, fans have found out enough clues to draw conclusions. When Healy was initially asked about his thoughts on the album, he had given a passive response, asserting that he had not heard the songs. However, he has now opened up about what he feels about them.

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    Matty Healy Is Taking Taylor Swift’s Songs About him “In Stride”

    Taylor Swift
    Taylor Swift

    Matty Healy has reportedly revealed that he has mixed feelings about Taylor Swift’s latest album, ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘, where many of her songs have been speculated to be about their short relationship. Us Weekly reported that ‘The 1975‘ frontman felt “completely blindsided” by the number of songs seemingly referencing him. However, he now finds the album “hilarious“.

    A friend of Healy’s recently revealed that Healy has been enjoying the attention the album has brought to him. However, he quipped that Healy was never seriously into Swift and therefore finds the songs rather amusing. “He loves the attention it’s brought to him, [but] he also thinks it’s hilarious because at no time [were they] ever serious,” the friend said.

    For her to be saying things about baby carriages … and living together — he says it had never even come up,” the insider said about the short fling between the two last year. “He’s taking it in stride.”

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    Taylor Swift’s Fans Have Enough Evidence To Claim References To Matty Healy In Some Of Her Songs

    Matty Healy
    Matty Healy

    Taylor Swift has never specifically addressed the meaning of her songs or who they have been dedicated to. However, her fans have speculated and dissected the smallest details from her lyrics to draw conclusions that appear to be quite convincing.

    Fans contend that her album’s tracks like ‘But Daddy I Love Him, ‘Down Bad,  and the album’s title song are about Matty Healy. The record, which started streaming in April, became a sensation.

    Healy was asked by paparazzi about his views on the songs and the diss his ex-girlfriend has taken at him through them. “I haven’t really listened to that much of it but I’m sure it’s good,” he said with a smile. However, his aunt acknowledged the songs, claiming that Taylor is telling half baked stories through her album and that she knows more about “what went onbetween Swift and Healy during their short fling.

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