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    “I’ve Survived It Barely”: Megan Fox Gives Advice To Sydney Sweeney Over The ‘Sex Symbol’ Image She Herself Struggled With In Hollywood

    From one woman to another, Megan Fox revealed what’s that one piece of advice she would like to give Sydney Sweeney, regarding the comments surrounding her being a sex symbol.

    Being sexualized in the industry is something Megan has faced since the beginning of her career. After ‘Jennifer’s Body‘, the actress went through intense sexual comments and was deemed to be a sex symbol in Hollywood. An undelightful experience that Sweeney is now going through, following her role in ‘Euphoria‘.

    Sweeney’s character Cassie had a lot of sexual scenes in the series, which were followed by viewers and even publications starting conversations on the actress’ body. More specifically, her boobs. This saturated sexualization began conversations on how the industry and people, in general, perceive women’s bodies and objectify them.

    Megan’s response to what would be the one piece of advice she would like to give Sweeney was, “I haven’t given her advice about that, she hasn’t sought advice from me. I would gladly give it,” she said, before adding, “but I don’t know that I have any good advice to give. I’ve survived it barely.” She then added, “You gotta find God in some form to make it through.”

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    Megan Fox’s Struggle With Her Sex Appeal

    Megan Fox
    Megan Fox

    After the release of ‘Jennifer’s Body‘, Megan Fox, thanks to the marketing strategies for the film, came to be known as Hollywood’s sex symbol. This is contradictory, because, as Fox herself has said on various occasions, she’s far from that image.

    On various occasions, she spoke up about her body image issues and how much the whole sex symbol conversation affected her. Speaking about it in a podcast, the actress said, “I think it adds pressure to a girl who, like I said, has body dysmorphia and didn’t really ever see herself that way. And the things that I thought were my strengths—like my mind, my intelligence, my sense of humor—those things are not acknowledged, and instead I’m being acknowledged for something I don’t identify with.”

    As someone who has been nitpicked, ripped to pieces by the scrutiny she faces from media, and in some cases, fans, and even been subjected to slut-shaming in public, Fox has always advocated for kindness and empathy towards women and their bodies.

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