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    Michael Jackson Kids: Meet Paris Jackson, Prince And Blanket

    When Michael Jackson passed away on June 25, 2009, at the age of 50, he left behind more than just a vast musical legacy and his former estate of Neverland Ranch. The ‘Billie Jean’ singer also had three children. 

    On February 13, 1997, the musician and nurse Debbie Rowe, to whom Michael was married from 1996 until 1999, welcomed their first child, Michael Joseph Jackson Jr. On April 3, 1998, the Grammy winner and Rowe welcomed their daughter Paris. Prince Michael Jackson II, nicknamed Blanket, his third child, was born to an unidentified surrogate on February 21, 2002. 

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    Prince Jackson I: Life And Career 

    Prince Michael Jackson I

    Jackson was given the name Prince after both his paternal great-grandfather and great-great grandpa. Following his divorce from Rowe in 1999, Prince’s father, who was granted full custody rights, raised Prince. Rowe had made it clear that she wanted Michael to be the one to raise and have custody of the kids. Together with his siblings, Prince spent the early years of his youth at Neverland Ranch. He attended The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks after his father’s death in 2009. Michael Jackson’s long-time friends and actors Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin are Prince’s godparents. 

    Prince Michael started working as a correspondent for Entertainment Tonight in 2013. In the television series 90210 in March 2013, he made his acting debut. Prince has stated that he would like to act more in the future and that he is also interested in making movies. Together with his brother, he runs the Film Family YouTube channel. Jackson is putting together a documentary film called ‘Remembering Michael’ in honor of his departed father by asking fans to give money to the website FundAnything to cover the costs of the film’s production. Jackson, his grandmother Katherine, and his two brothers are also working on the project.

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    Paris Jackson: Life And Career

    Paris Jackson

    Paris was given the name of the French capital, where she was conceived. She is Debbie Rowe’s youngest child and the middle child of singer Michael Jackson. Her godparents are also Elizabeth Taylor and Macaulay Culkin just like her elder brother Prince and she also attended The Buckley School in Sherman Oaks where she participated in softball, cheerleading, and flag football. Paris was raised by her father after he got her full custody and it is believed that this arrangement was an economic transaction since Michael wanted to raise his children and Debbie wanted money. When she and her brothers went out in public with their father as children, they frequently wore masks to cover their faces from the public. In 2010, Jackson, her brothers, their grandmother Katherine, and their cousins participated in an interview with Oprah Winfrey about life after her father’s passing. At the 2010 Grammy Awards, she and her brother Prince jointly accepted their father’s Lifetime Achievement Award. 

    Jackson agreed to star in the fantasy children’s movie ‘Lundon’s Bridge’ and the ‘Three Keys’, which was based on a book by Dennis Christen, in 2011. In the end, the movie was not made. Paris was featured on the Rolling Stone cover in January 2017. She and IMG Models agreed to a modeling contract in March 2017. Jackson made her acting debut in March as well thanks to a guest starring role on FOX’s Star. In 2018’s ‘Gringo’, the eldest Jackson daughter made her feature film debut. Jackson then made an appearance as Jesus Christ in the film Habit. She inked a contract with Republic Records as well. On October 29, 2020, she released both the music video and her debut single, ‘Let Down.’ On November 18, 2020, Wilted, her debut album, was made available. She also joined the cast of ‘American Horror Story’ as Maya in the spinoff series ‘American Horror Stories.’

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    Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson: Life And Career

    Prince “Blanket” Michael Jackson

    Michael Jackson’s third and youngest child who is also called Prince but is better known for his nickname “Blanket” is attending the same high school as his elder brother and sister in Los Angeles. Not much is known about him as he likes to keep a low profile and if US weekly is to be believed he’s the “quiet one”. As reported by Newsweek, the 19-year-old enjoys video games and has even taken up martial arts. 

    Jackson made his debut on television in the 2003 documentary ‘Living with Michael Jackson’. His father revealed the meaning of his nickname, Blanket, in the documentary, which is to “blanket” or “cover” someone with love. When Jackson was a baby, his father Michael tried to flaunt him to a swarm of followers waiting outside the Hotel Adlon in Berlin, Germany, by dangling him from a balcony. This caused outrage among the public. Later, his father came to regret his error. The balcony incident, however, has been widely mocked and made fun of by the media and other celebrities. According to multiple stories that arose in 2015, Jackson no longer preferred to go by the moniker “Blanket.” Numerous online sources made this claim, and even the 2015 Buckley School yearbook he used the name Bigi Jackson. He made this choice after being teased for the nickname “Blanket” for years.

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