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    “You Didn’t Earn It, My Uncle Did”: Michael Jackson’s Nephew Slams Harry Styles Being Labeled ‘King Of Pop’

    A new controversy regarding Michael Jackson arose following the release of the British version of a popular magazine. Their cover features the ‘As It Was,’ singer, Harry Styles. The former One Direction member is serving a new fresh look on the cover. He is adorned in a huge white fur coat, revealing some of his tattooed chest. The fur coat is paired with pink sequined boxers. The look is completed with Harry posing with a cake in his hands.

    The magazine published a detailed interview with the pop singer. The cover was also teased with a printed subhead under the 28-year-old’s name: “How the new King of Pop set the music world flame.” The title ‘King Of Pop’ has been widely used for Michael Jackson. It was this title that made his nephew, Taj Jackson, express his disagreement and he slammed the magazine for using it for Styles.

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    Taj Jackson Says “There Is No New King Of Pop”

    Taj Jackson reminds everyone of Michael Jackson's hard work for attaining the title of 'King of Pop' following Harry Styles' Rolling Stone cover
    Michael Jackson’s Nephew, Taj Jackson

    In response to Rolling Stone UK’s tweet about the cover, Taj Jackson wrote, “There is no new King of Pop. You don’t own the title @RollingStone, and you didn’t earn it, my uncle did. Decades of dedication and sacrifice. The title has been retired. No disrespect to @Harry_Styles, he’s mega talented. Give him his own unique title.”

    Taj wasn’t undermining Harry’s talents but simply asking the magazine outlet to pick a new headline, one which would not disrespect his uncle Michael Jackson who ruled the music industry in the 1980s. His performance, which included both his vocals and dancing, took the world by storm.

    While Harry didn’t respond to the controversy, many fans and netizens alike shared their own opinions.

    Michael Jackson And Harry Styles Fans Voice Their Opinions 

    Many Twitter users agreed with Taj and his opinions. MJ fans tweeted and explained how the singer revolutionized the music industry with his singing and dancing. There remains no debate that MJ was a very talented artist, and his performances, to this date, remain legendary. His album and stadium sales were proof of that.

    Another user tweeted, “PEOPLE take the “king of pop” title so lightly nowadays that they just throw it to about anybody. i don’t even think people fully grasp the meaning of the title. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop! putting that title to anyone makes it nugatory; meaningless.”

    Meanwhile, some users also pointed out how racism plays a role in this as white men and their privilege easily earn them titles, whereas other people from marginalized sections have to chase it really hard.

    A user also reminded everyone that Michael Jackson still remains the highest-selling album artist. His 1982 studio album, ‘Thriller,‘ has sold 70 million copies worldwide, something no artist has yet surpassed.

    Harry Styles’ fans also got into the trail and defended him. A user tweeted, “harry has ZERO interest in the names people give him. “genderless fashion icon” “king of pop” he doesn’t want any of it and yet he gets TORN DOWN for “claiming” it when all he wants to do is just sing his pretty songs and wear his pretty clothes.

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