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    ‘Michael’: Plot, Cast And Release Date Of Michael Jackson’s Biopic

    There are not many celebrities who have an impact as grave as Michael Jackson does on Hollywood. The superstar has gone down as a legend of dance and music in the history of Hollywood and will remain so for centuries to come. To honor his legacy, a Michael Jackson biopic named ‘Michael’ is in production, with its expected release scheduled in April next year.

    While the anticipation around the biopic is heavy given the legacy of the King of Pop, the production has revealed the cast of the film. Fans were eagerly waiting to see the faces that would bring Michael Jackson’s story to life on screen. The wait is over, and it has been worth it as the casting has left no loopholes.

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    Michael Jackson’s Nephew Jafaar To Take On The Lead Role In ‘Jackson 5’

    Jafaar Jackson as Michael Jackson (Credit: Getty)
    Jafaar Jackson as Michael Jackson (Credit: Getty)

    Michael Jackson fans can’t keep their calm as the biopic based on the legendary star’s life is set for release on April 18, 2025. While there’s still more than a year for the film’s release, the anticipation around it is already increasing among fans. To add a temporary stop to their curiosity, the production team has released the list of actors who would be starring in the biopic.

    Speaking about the casting, producer Graham King said during a press release. “The truly epic nature of this film required a total of ten actors with the talent to portray the Jackson 5 through the years,” King said on Tuesday. “I’m thrilled to bring this extraordinary group of actors and performers to worldwide audiences in this film,” he said.

    Taking on the role of Michael Jackson would be his own nephew Jaafar Jackson. The 27-year-old is expected to do full justice to the iconic role of his legendary uncle during his adult years. Other than the blood relation that he shares with the legend himself, Jaafar also has some uncanny similarities in appearance with the pop star — which would work as a great advantage for the film.

    After searching for someone to fit the part, King said, “It was clear that he is the only person to take on this role.” He added that he was “blown away by the way he organically personifies the spirit and personality of Michael” and was “beyond thrilled that he has come on board to portray his uncle and cannot wait for the world to see him on the big screen as Michael Jackson.”

    This is not the first time that Jafaar would be on the screen. He has been singing and dancing since age 12. He has also been an active part of several family-oriented projects over the years, including 2015’s ‘The Jacksons: Next Generation’ and Tito Jackson’s 2021 music video ‘Love One Another’.

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    Michael Jackson’s Biopic Is Expected To Be A Carefully Crafted Tribute To The Pop Legend

    Cat for Michael Jackson's Biopic (Credit: People)
    Cat for Michael Jackson’s Biopic (Credit: People)

    A joint venture by Lionsgate and Universal Pictures, the film ‘Jackson 5’ is set to chronicle Michael Jackson’s life from his early days to his untimely death. The script for the film is written by John Logan and the Antoine Fuqua is directing the movie. With its production already underway, the team has revealed several other names and the characters they would be playing in the film.

    The ensemble includes Juliano Krue Valdi and Jaafar taking on the roles of Michael, Jayden Harville, and Jamal R. Henderson as Jermaine, Jaylen Lyndon Hunter and Tre Horton as Marlon, Judah Edwards and Rhyan Hill as Tito, and Nathaniel Logan McIntyre and Joseph David-Jones as Jackie.

    The casting doesn’t stop there — Colman Domingo is set to play Joe Jackson, Nia Long will take on the role of Katherine Jackson, and Miles Teller will star as John Branca. Most stars onboard have had acting experiences and are expected to do a flawless job bringing Michael Jackson’s story alive on screens.

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