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    Eminem And Michael Jackson’s Revenge-Filled Feud Explained

    Two of the biggest stars of the Hollywood music industry had one of the biggest feuds the industry has ever seen. Rap God Eminem and King of Pop Michael Jackson had a lot of bizarre beef between them and took major steps to express the dislike they felt for each other.

    It all started with Eminem making a diss track on the pop singer, for which MJ served cold revenge. Here’s everything you need to know about Eminem’s infamous beef with Michael Jackson.

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    What Happened Between Eminem And Michael Jackson?

    Eminem (left) Michael Jackson (right)
    Eminem (left) Michael Jackson (right)

    It all started with Eminem’s song ‘Just Lose It‘ which featured him portraying notable pop icons including Michael Jackson. The lyrics seem to be poking fun at the star and his life, including the child abuse and molestation accusations against Michael Jackson that persisted at that time.

    The lyrics go, “Come here little kiddies, on my lap; Guess who’s back with a brand new rap, And I don’t mean rap, as in a new case, Of child molestation accusation aah aah aah aah aah; No worries, papa’s got a brand new bag of toys, What else could I possibly do to make noise, I done touched on everything, But little boys, And that’s not a stab at Micheal, that’s just a metaphor.”

    Jackson responded to the music video and said, “I’ve admired Eminem as an artist, and was shocked by this,” Jackson said to KKBT-FM radio personality Steve Harvey in 2004. “The video was inappropriate and disrespectful to me, my children, my family and the community at large.”

    He then added, “I am very angry at Eminem’s depiction of me in his video. I feel that it is outrageous and disrespectful. It is one thing to spoof, but it is another to be demeaning and insensitive. I’ve never met Mr. Eminem, and to have – I’ve always admired him – and to have him do something like that has been pretty painful.”

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    How Did Michael Jackson Respond To Eminem’s Diss?

    Eminem (left) Michael Jackson (right)
    Eminem (left) Michael Jackson (right)

    Michael Jackson was naturally among the calm and composed people in the industry and hardly ever partook in violence. Eminem’s diss, however, was extremely hurtful to the ‘Thriller‘ singer, and here’s how he exacted his revenge on the rapper. When asked about the video and how Jackson reacted to it, Eminem said, “I apologize for that.”

    A couple of years later, Michael Jackson ended up buying Eminem’s entire music catalog. At the time, the rapper made music under the publishing company ‘Famous Music’ which Jackson’s company Sony/ATV bought for a whopping $370 million. He didn’t, however, alter or remove any music or lyrics from the diss track ‘Just Lose It.’

    Eminem’s music was owned by Jackson until his death in 2009. In 2016, Eminem bought his music back.

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