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    “They Got To Get Over That Crap”: ‘Horizon’ Actor Michael Rooker Defends Kevin Costner’s Film By Pointing Out How TikTok Has Ruined Watching Real Cinema

    Kevin Costner has turned director, producer, and actor for his Horizon franchise. The first movie, which was released on 28 June 2024, could not impress the audience much. It got off to a dismal start at the box office with just $11 million at the domestic box office. However, actor Michael Rooker, who plays Sgt. Major Thomas Riordan in the movie, has fiercely defended it.

    The ‘Guardians Of The Galaxy’ star talked about it in an interview. He asked the audience to give the cinema a chance saying that it was “real cinema”. Rooker even urged moviegoers to quit watching TikTok and get prepared for real cinema. 

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    Michael Rooker Defends ‘Horizon’ After Poor Box-office Performance 

    Michael Rooker in 'Horizon'
    Michael Rooker in ‘Horizon’

    Kevin Costner’s ‘Horizonis planned as a four-part movie with part one being released recently. However, it performed very poorly on its opening weekend. But Michael Rooker comes to the movie’s defense by saying, “It’s real cinema, folks. Be prepared. We ain’t used to that sh*t.” 

    Rooker said to TMZ, “We’re used to 90 minute movies. Everything is 90 minutes. Give me a break. Get over that sh*t.” He added, “Let’s watch a movie that actually tells a story where you learn about the people and grow to like them or hate them. It’s not all fast and cut, cut cut.”

    Michael Rooker was asked whether the poor performance was because moviegoers have become “TikTok-ified”. He answered, “Totally they are. Of course they are. They got to get over that crap. They got to learn how to watch real cinema, please.” Rooker added, “Stop hanging and go see the movie. You’ll enjoy it. Go to the bathroom before you go in.”

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    Kevin Costner Made ‘Horizon’ With His Own Money

    Kevin Costner in 'Horizon'
    Kevin Costner in ‘Horizon’

    In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Kevin Costner had revealed that he spent around $38 million of his own money to finance the movie. Warner Bros. only paid for distribution. “I’ve lived with movies and what happens to them on their opening weekend.” Costner said. 

    “If we put so much pressure on that, we’re bound to be disappointed,” Costner continued. “I’m really happy that ‘Horizon’ looks like what it’s supposed to look like, and that’s the way it’ll look the rest of its life. And that’s really important to me in this process.”

    Kevin Costner added that he would love for ‘Horizon’ to be “highly, highly successful”. Of course, I’d like that. My ego would like that; everyone would like that. But I am happiest that the movie that you and I are talking about looks the way I want it to look,” he said. 

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