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    Olivia Rodrigo Kicks Off GUTS Tour In Style

    Take your eyes away from the Eras Tour for a while, because Olivia Rodrigo has just kickstarted her ‘GUTS’ tour in support of her sophomore album ‘GUTS’.

    The album that went on to become one of the most successful albums of 2023, churning out bops and chart-toppers, along with sweeping off a lot of the nominations of the award season- is finally getting its long-awaited tour and Rodrigo has absolutely smashed it this time. Read on to know more.

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    Olivia Rodrigo Starts The ‘GUTS’ Tour

    Olivia Rodrigo at the 'GUTS' tour (Credits: The New York Times)
    Olivia Rodrigo at the ‘GUTS’ tour (Credits: The New York Times)

    After the success of her sophomore album, Olivia Rodrigo has now brought the ‘GUTS’ tour for her fans. She started the tour with her first stop being Acrisure Arena in Palm Desert, California.

    As for the setlist, almost all her songs from both albums were included, additionally, she sang ‘logical’ for the first time, and also debuted her song ‘obsessed’ which was included in the deluxe version. More delights from the night included the original lyrics of ‘all american bitch’ and using a megaphone instead of a microphone for ‘get him back’.

    The pop star was dressed in her usual glittery chic outfits and interacted with the audience. Before the bridge of ‘all american bitch’, which includes the iconic scream, she told her fans “Okay here’s the deal. When the lights go off, I want everyone in here to think about something or someone that really pisses you off,” Rodrigo said. “And I want you to scream your heart out. Are you ready?”

    The fans understood the assignment and screamed as the guitar riff took place and Rodrigo danced around the stage.

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    More Details On The ‘GUTS’ Tour

    Olivia Rodrigo at the 'GUTS' tour (Credits: GETTY)
    Olivia Rodrigo at the ‘GUTS’ tour (Credits: GETTY)

    Produced by Live Nation, the 57-date tour opened at Palm Springs, California’s Acrisure Arena on February 23. She will perform around North America through April, including two nights at Madison Square Garden in New York City on April 5 and 6.

    After that, she will travel abroad, starting her international tour on April 30 in Dublin, Ireland. The pop sensation closes off her global tour with two performances at the Kia Forum in Los Angeles on August 13 and 14.

    She will make her way back to the United States on July 19 with a stop in Philadelphia. A few dates are set where The Breeders, PinkPantheress, Chappell Roan, and Remi Wolf will open the show.

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