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    Sabrina Carpenter Shades Olivia Rodrigo At Jingle Ball: Here’s What Happened

    Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo are two of the rising stars of Hollywood. Both with successful careers and chart topping songs, were recently a part of L.A.’s Jingle Ball tomperform some of their popular songs.

    During the ceremony, Carpenter and Rodrigo who have had a rough feud after Rodrigo’s debut album ‘Sour‘ were reunited and Sabrina managed to throw some serious shade to the ‘Vampire’ singer. Here’s what she did.

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    Sabrina Carpenter And Olivia Rodrigo’s Feud

    Sabrina Carpenter And Olivia Rodrigo

    The feud started with Olivia’s song titled ‘drivers license’ where she talked about a certain ‘blonde girl’ who she accused of dating the guy she loved. The lyrics go “you’re probably with that blonde girl/ who always made me doubt/ she’s so much older than me/ she’s everything I’m insecure about.” Although Rodrigo did not explicitly mention her, fans assumed it was written for her and Sabrina got the hate mail from all of Olivia’s new fans.

    She received death threats, hate messages and got accused of stealing other people’s boyfriends. To make things worse, Olivia did not speak up on the hate. It only went worse from here.

    Sabrina then wrote two songs, singing about the situation, directed at Olivia and fans. And to further things up, she joined the Taylor Swift squad- everyone knows that Olivia used to be the biggest Taylor Swift fan. Carpenter also opened plenty of shows for Swift, and is often seen hanging out with her.

    Early this December, Sabrina and Olivia met again at Variety’s Hitmakers event. A day later, they also met at the Jingle Ball in L.A. And to spice things up, Sabrina gave a stellar performance- and threw some nasty shade at Olivia.

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    Sabrina Carpenter Singing For Olivia Rodrigo

    Sabrina Carpenter And Olivia Rodrigo

    Everyone assumed that Carpenter would sing some of her more popular hits such as ‘Nonsense’ or ‘Feather’. But with Rodrigo in the audience, Carpenter had the chance to do the funniest thing possible- and she did.

    Sabrina decided to sing her song ‘because i liked a boy’ that was written in response to the hate she received because of Olivia.

    The lyrics go, “Now I’m a homewrecker, I’m a slut/ I got death threats filling up semi-trucks/ Tell me who I am, guess I don’t have a choice/ All because I liked/ I’m a hot topic on your tongue/ I’m a rebound gettin’ ’round stealin’ from the young”

    After Sabrina, Olivia proceeded to perform two of her biggest songs- ‘deja vu’ and ‘drivers license’, both written for Sabrina apparently.

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