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    Tate Mcrae And Sabrina Carpenter Are The Newest Pop Icons In Town

    It’s 2023 and the pop music girlies are absolutely thriving. From a sophomore album from newly crowned pop princess Olivia Rodrigo, or Taylor Swift dropping more bangers from her old albums – it’s a good time to be alive. With the rise of TikTok, we have seen a rise in new pop artists, most of whom are enjoying their fifteen seconds of fame, while some get lucky enough to be able to keep the fame and establish a name in the industry.

    If we’re talking about newly crowned pop icons, there are two leading ladies who are absolutely getting the spotlight and have been serving us with fabulous and catchy pop songs lately. Here’s why Sabrina Carpenter and Tate Mcrae are the newest icons in town and how they’re bringing back real pop music.

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    Tate Mcrae’s Rise To Fame

    Tate Mcrae

    You must be living under a rock if you haven’t seen the Tube Girl trend and the fabulously catchy ‘greedy‘ by Tate Mcrae. If you don’t know, Tate Mcrae has been writing music since she was fourteen. She had a YouTube channel where she would often post new songs she wrote. Recently, she was featured in Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘Bad Idea Right?’ music video.

    The 20-year-old singer has been putting out music since 2018 and had her first taste of fame with her hit ‘You Broke Me First’, a ballad for the heartbroken girlies that quickly gained traction and made her famous.

    In 2019 she released a song called ‘Tear Me Apart’, which was co-written with Billie Eilish. Mcrae’s earlier mood when it came to her music was fairly moody and gloomy at best, and clichéd at worst. Now three years later, it seems like Mcrae has transitioned into a full-blown pop star and is singing and dancing in her music videos (how long has it been since a pop girlie did that?) and fans are totally drawn to the nostalgia she brings. Her music is snappy, and fun and is taking the rounds on every single social media app. It has consecutively spent more than two weeks on Spotify’s Global Chart as the #1 song. And it seems to be just the beginning.

    Dubbed by stan Twitter as ‘the next Britney Spears‘, Tate certainly has the talent for that. After ‘greedy‘ skyrocketed she came up with another bop called ‘exes‘, which looks promising enough for us to hold on to hope that she will, indeed serve.

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    Sabrina Carpenter’s Musical Journey

    Sabrina Carpenter

    The 24-year-old star from Pennsylvania checks all the boxes when it comes to being a pop star. Phenomenal stage presence? Check. Catchy lyrics? Check. Creative and fun lyrics? Check. An amazing voice? Check check check all the way.

    Sabrina isn’t exactly new to the scene. She released her first album in 2015 but had little success with it. A Disney star, she was in ‘Girl Meets World’ and then proceeded to sign a five-album deal with Hollywood Records. Though her previous albums didn’t make any noise, they were exceptionally good, but not good enough for Carpenter to rise up as the next shining star.

    In 2021, she released ‘Emails I Can’t Send’ and along with a new record deal, she changed her entire persona. You could listen to her music and know she’s a pop star. Her lyrics were captivating and fun, along with some deeper ones like ‘Skin’ and ‘Tornado Warnings’. Sabrina’s breakthrough song was ‘Nonsense‘, a song about being infatuated with someone (that someone not being Joshua Bassett, as she clarified in one of her tours).

    Her creativity is shown by the amount of outros she has for the song. Every time she sings the song live she has a new outro that is specific to the city she’s playing at. Soon after she released a deluxe version of the album and another Christmas EP called ‘Fruitcake‘.

    As of now, she is touring with Taylor Swift as an opener. She has so far played at all the Latin America shows. Swift and Carpenter are good friends are often speculated to be the reason behind Taylor’s feud with Olivia Rodrigo, whom Carpenter isn’t on good terms with because of her song ‘Driver’s License’ that sort of name-dropped Sabrina.

    Sabrina’s journey to stardom has just started. She can be expected to do a lot more as a pop artist. She’s hardworking, and creative, has an amazing stage presence, and absolutely gorgeous. These are some of the main ingredients that go into creating the perfect pop princess.

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