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    Olivia Rodrigo Reacts After Billie Eilish Says She Wrote A Song About Her

    Olivia Rodrigo is beaming with joy after Billie Eilish revealed that her song ‘Goldwing‘ was “kind of about her”. Eilish said she has protective feelings towards Rodrigo during a recent interview with The Los Angeles Times. Rodrigo, also a singer, was thrilled when she heard about it.

    I thought that was so sweet. Billie is such a kind, wonderful girl, and I feel very lucky that it’s not about competition — that we’re just looking out for each other,” the Grammy winner said. She also said she values her supportive dynamic with Billie Eilish.

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    Billie Eilish “Feels Protective” About Olivia Rodrigo

    Billie Eilish and Olivia Rodrigo (Image: GETTY)

    Rodrigo also said that she loves the song, a part of Eilish’s album ‘Happier Than Ever‘. The song is about protecting a young ingénue from exploitation, hinting at the infamous challenge that young rising stars in Hollywood face.

    In an interview earlier, Eilish had said she has protective feelings towards Rodrigo, who reciprocated the sentiment. “Olivia was getting big, and she was just, like, this little dainty child,” the Grammy-winning artist told The LA Times.

    I felt so nervous. I was worried about her. She came up in that acting world, and people are so weird. I don’t know — I just felt very protective over her,” she said. “I have a song called ‘Goldwing’ from my last album that’s kind of about her. I’ve never said that to anyone,” she said.

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    The Young Musicians Share Similar Career Graph

    Olivia Rodrigo (Image: GETTY)

    Both artists have similar career trajectories. The artists had viral success with their debut singles at a very young age.

    While Eilish became popular for ‘Ocean Eyes’ released when she was 15 years old, Rodrigo’s ‘Drivers License also made her a viral sensation when she was 18. Both of them also bagged Grammys as Best New Artist in 2020 and 2022 respectively.

    The two rising musicians also received six Grammy nominations each this year, including nods in major categories for their hits ‘Vampire‘ and ‘What Was I Made For?’ off the Barbie soundtrack.

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