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    “Paging Through A Victoria’s Secret Catalog”: ‘Blood Diamond’ Director Recalls Leonardo DiCaprio ‘Shopping’ For Women On Sets

    Leonardo DiCaprio has been in the industry since he was a child artist. However, the actor has been able to maintain his fame quite well even after decades of starring in some of the critically acclaimed as well as money-spinner cinema. However, recently, he has gained an infamous image of dating women much younger than him.

    DiCaprio has dated many A-list Hollywood actresses, models, and other artists. Previously, Leo has dated other celebrities like Nina Adgal, Bar Refaeli, and Kelly Rohrbach who were 25 or younger. Currently, he is dating Vittoria Ceretti, who is also a model. Recently, in his memoir, the actor’s former collaborator mentioned one incident on set, where he was flipping through Victoria’s Secret catalog for a new fling.

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    Edward Zwick Confirms Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dating Pattern Through An Anecdote From Sets Of ‘Blood Diamond’

    Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Zwick on the sets of 'Blood Diamond'
    Leonardo DiCaprio and Edward Zwick on the sets of ‘Blood Diamond’

    Recently, director Edward Zwick released a book based on his experiences in Hollywood titled ‘Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions: My Fortysomething Years in Hollywood’. In one of the chapters, Edward Zwick mentions an episode on the sets of ‘Blood Diamond’ that involves Leonardo DiCaprio.

    In the book, Edward Zwick praises the camaraderie between Leonardo DiCaprio and his co-star Jennifer Connelly. He mentioned “only one instance of even the mildest behavior.” Edward added, “It’s more a testament to their camaraderie than anything else.”

    Edward Zwick wrote, “One morning I walked into the makeup trailer as I often did to discuss the day’s work with him. I found him in the chair waiting for his turn and noticed he was paging through a Victoria’s Secret catalog.” The director added, “‘What are you doing?’ I asked. [Connelly] was in the chair beside him. Without even looking over, she said, ‘Shopping.’”

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    The Actor Is Currently Dating Model Vittoria Ceretti

    Leonardo DiCaprio's Rumored Love Interest Vittoria Ceretti 
    Leonardo DiCaprio’s Rumored Love Interest Vittoria Ceretti

    Leonardo DiCaprio is continuing with his streak of having young women around him! After dating supermodel Gigi Hadid for a good period, Leo is with another supermodel, Vittoria Ceretti. The first sighting of the couple was in 2023, when they were partying together in Ibiza. The couple was spotted making out in the club.

    After their Spanish getaway, Leonardo DiCaprio and Vittoria Ceretti were seen getting ice cream together.

    Vittoria is an Italian model who has walked the runway for designers like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Versace, and others. In 2020, Vittoria Ceretti married Matteo Milleri, a DJ. However, the couple parted ways, and their marriage ended in a divorce in 2023.

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