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    Paris Hilton Styles In A Powerpuff Girls Themed Clothing For The Beach

    The 41-year-old model, businesswoman, actress, and singer, Paris Hilton, has always carried suave, flashy, and popping looks. You’ll never find her slipping, be it on stage or off stage, Hilton has always managed to flaunt each and every look! 

    On June 6, Hilton took to Instagram to show her newest look – a mix of the Powerpuff Girls’ energy with the colors of the rainbow. Her dogs accompanied her to the California beach and posed in the Malibu sea breeze for sunshine bright pictures! The caption read, “Beautiful day chilling in Malibu with my @HiltonPets. Look inspired by the iconic Rainbow Bride and the Powerpuff Girls.”

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    Paris Hilton Channeled The Perfect Powerpuff Beach Girl Vibes

    Paris Hilton's New Instagram Beach Post
    Paris Hilton styled in the Louis Vuitton Headband

    Hilton wore a zipper hoodie, along with a tank top and micro shorts. The multicolored zipper hoodie is heavily printed with the Powerpuff Girls — Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles. Underneath, Hilton wears a peach pink tank top which is adorned with Bubbles and pastel heart and flower prints. Her micro shorts matched the patterns in the zip-up hoodie.

    To add more to the plethora of colors, Hilton added rainbow-colored socks from her toes to her knee caps. Her blonde smooth hair was tied into two low ponytails and she also added a Louis Vuitton rainbow-colored headband to complete her look. The sunglasses were the last and the most important element of the beach look, and Hilton carried it well. In black sunglasses rimmed with orange and yellow stars, Hilton made sure to bask well under the sun.

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    Paris Hilton has always been known for her eye-catching and bright outfits. She goes out of the way to dress up in bright hues and loud patterns, and they always come out in a stunning look. This beach ensemble is a classic example of Hilton’s fashion sense and taste. The separate clothing piece might seem unfit to come together in one outfit, yet Hilton pairs them together and manages to give a peach-soft girl vibe with the right amount of edginess. 

    Paris Hilton is juggling a lot of work together. In a recent interview with FN, Hilton shared her ongoing works and productions. She told FN, “I’m investing in a lot of tech products and VR and NFT and writing my third book and doing my second album. And, I have my podcasting company, my deal with Warner Brothers, my own production company deal, and my new show.

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