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    “Rites Of Passage”: Matthew McConaughey’s Mom Called His Wife Wrong Names

    Moms are always right. Especially when it comes to selecting the best girl for their boy. And Matthew McConaughey‘s mom didn’t make it any easier for his wife, Camila Alves when she first met her. The actor boasts of ‘rites of passage’ and ‘initiation’ ceremonies if someone wants to enter their family.

    McConaughey started his career way back in the 1990s. In the 1993 movie ‘Dazed and Confused’, the actor had his breakthrough performance. Through the three decades of his career, the actor has done many memorable roles. He did the movie, ‘A Time to Kill,‘ in 1996, marking his first lead role. His next milestone was the Academy Award he won for ‘Dallas Buyers Club’.

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    Matthew McConaughey’s Mom Called Camila Alves By His Exes’ Names

    Matthew McConaughey, his wife Camila Alves and mother Mary McCabe
    Matthew McConaughey, his wife Camila Alves, and his mother Mary McCabe

    When starting to date, Matthew McConaughey’s mom Mary Kathlene McCabe had made his wife, Camila Alves do “all kinds of stuff”. “My family is big on rites of passage and initiation, and you don’t get into the McConaughey family easily,” the Interstellar actor said in an interview with Entertainment Tonight Canada. McConaughey’s mom, sweetly called ‘Ma Mac’ by the family, has put Alves also through the rites. At the initial stage of dating, she used to even call her by the actor’s exes’ names.

    However, the Brazilian model did not give up on her boyfriend easily. She did crack the code to get Ma Mac’s approval. “Camila goes, ‘I’m not asking your permission anymore.’ And basically, my mom was like, ‘There we go. That’s right,’ the 53-year-old recounted how Alves finally got into the family. McConaughey and Camila Alves started dating in 2006 and were married in 2012. The couple has three kids- Levi, Vida, and Livingston.

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    Matthew McConaughey Talks Of The Rites Of Passage

    Matthew McConaughey, his wife Camila Alves and mother Mary McCabe
    Matthew McConaughey, his wife Camila Alves, and his mother Mary McCabe

    In the interview, Matthew McConaughey also talked of his family’s dynamics.“We test you. And even in our own family with my brothers and mother is one of us. Me and my brothers get on our high horse about something,” the ‘The Gentlemen’ actor confessed. “Oh, my family, we humbly wait, we make you cry, and then we pick you up and make your favorite drink, ‘You’re welcome back.’,” the actor candidly talked about the rites of passage and initiation in his family.

    Whether the actor would put his children and their future love interests through this ordeal is still unsure. The actor admitted that it would take about three years to get the right answer. “Navigating is not going to be perfect, but I think we’ll work it out,” McConaughey added.

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