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    Sean Astin Reveals Duffer Brothers Cried While Writing Bob’s Death In ‘Stranger Things’

    Played by Sean Astin, Bob was one of the most beloved characters on ‘Stranger Things’. His genuine care for his family, cleverness, and heroic nature made it difficult for the fans to watch him die. 

    While Bob Newby was being ripped apart by the vicious Demodogs right in front of Joyce in season two, not only did the fans cry, but also the Duffer brothers shed their tears writing his death. 

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    The Duffer Brothers Took A Hard Hit At Bob’s Death In ‘Stranger Things’

    Bob Newby from 'Stranger Things'
    Bob Newby from ‘Stranger Things’

    During a recent panel hosted by Collider in San Diego, the actor who embodied Bob Newby revealed that it was not only fans who were crushed by his character’s demise but also the Duffer Brothers, Matt, and Ross who were devastated after writing the death scene of the show’s favorite character.

    From the time Sean Astin read the infamous and heartbreaking scene that narrated his character’s end, he instantly knew it was not going to be a fun ride to watch it. While discussing his role with the head of the franchise, Astin said, “You always want to be a part of something epic and big, and you know, with Stranger Things. I try and capture for people, particularly young filmmakers in something, that you sort of go, the screenplay, you know it all starts with the screenplay.”

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    How Did Sean Astin Land The Role of Bob Newby?

    Sean Astin
    Sean Astin

    Because of its 80s vibe and kids on bikes, Sean Astin was eager to be a part of Stranger Things. The veteran actor said, “I learned of Stranger Things coming to conventions. People would say, Have you heard of this show? It’s Goonies you know, because kids and bikes and 1980s vibe and everything else, and I watch it, and I’m like ‘Goonies didn’t have monsters.”

    Despite having a small contribution, Sean Astin left a huge impact on the audience, moreover, Bob Newby will always be a special role for the actor. The two-fold reasons include his daughters who helped him prepare for the role and also because it was a chance to make an impact aboard an A-list franchise. 

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