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    Selena Gomez Returns To Screen Acting With Crime-Comedy Film ‘Emilia Perez’

    Selena Gomez is once again transitioning from television to film. The former Disney star enjoyed success with Hulu’s ‘Only Murders In The Building.’ The multi-talented artist is expanding her film credits with a co-starring role in her Spanish language debut ‘Emilia Perez.’

    While appearing on a podcast, Selena Gomez also talked about her future as a musical artist. It seems she’s going to give it up at some point. But she believes an album or two is still inside her before she does. But in the meantime, she’s hoping ‘Emilia Perez’ becomes another career milestone for her.

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    Selena Gomez Stars In Crime Comedy Film ‘Emilia Perez’

    Former Disney star returns to film acting with ‘Emilia Perez.’

    Selena Gomez is on a hiatus from her music career. But the show must go on, as the former Disney star has just wrapped the shoot for ‘Emilia Perez.’ On the podcast Smartless, the young actress and singer spilled the beans on her next project, which she describes as a “crime musical comedy.”

    ‘Emilia Perez’ is the story of a cartel boss leader nicknamed Manitas who wants to retire. With the help of her lawyer, Rita (played by Gomez), Manitas seeks an escape by transforming into a woman. The movie also stars Zoe Saldaña, Karla Sofía Gascón, and Édgar Ramírez.

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    Former Disney Star Likely To Quit Her Music Career

    The 31-year-old actress is going to part ways with her music career.

    As always, Selena Gomez is looking into the future. ‘Spring Breakers’ actress is currently recording music and producing the docuseries ‘Won’t Be Silent.’ But music is not something 31-year-old actress and singer will continue making.

    Selena Gomez explained her plans to the hosts. She wants to shift her focus to acting and philanthropy. “I feel I only have one more in me,” she admits about the finality of her music career.

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