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    “She Was Such A Legend”: Gracie Abrams Reveals How Taylor Swift Handled A Fire Accident At Her Apartment

    Ever since Gracie Abrams opened for Taylor Swift at the Eras Tour, the singer has joined the Swift squad and has been seen hanging out with the ‘Fortnight‘ singer on a number of occasions. To give fans an insight into the close bond she shares with Swift, Abrams even confessed to have listened to one song from Swift’s latest album ‘The Tortured Poets Department‘ before anyone else.

    Speaking about Taylor, the ‘Camden‘ singer also revealed a fire accident that took place at Swift’s apartment and how she dealt with it. Here’s everything Gracie Abrams revealed about Taylor Swift in her new interview.

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    Gracie Abrams Reveals Fire Accident That Happened At Taylor Swift’s Place

    Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams
    Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams

    Gracie Abrams’ next album, ‘The Secret of Us’, features a noteworthy collaboration between her and Taylor Swift. Swift and Abrams worked together to write the song ‘Us’ which fans are really excited to hear. Abrams recapped the exciting evening in an interview with Billboard, and how it included a fire breaking out in Swift’s apartment.

    The two continued working far beyond six in the morning during the late-night session. They celebrated with dinner and drinks after finishing the track. But in Swift’s kitchen, the evening took an unexpected turn when a candle knocked over and caught fire.

    Swift handled the unforeseen circumstance with grace, according to Abrams. She remarked of Swift’s capacity to contain the fire, saying “She was such a legend.” Gracie added, “I don’t know how at this hour or in our state she knew what to do. We both had an insane cough from the fire extinguisher fumes for weeks.”

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    Taylor Swift’s Friendship With Gracie Abrams

    Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams
    Taylor Swift and Gracie Abrams

    The musical duo’s friendship started when Abrams opened a few shoes for Swift during the ‘Eras Tour‘. After that, they were seen together multiple times and of recent it was revealed that Taylor has a feature in Gracie’s latest album.

    Talking about how they created ‘Us‘, Gracie said, “Something caught our ear at the same time very hard and fast. So we ran to the piano and started writing this song … I used to fantasize about that kind of a thing as a kid.”

    Aaron Dessner, who has also worked on the record, also opened up about Taylor and Gracie’s chemistry. “It was just really fun to watch the chemistry of Gracie and Taylor bouncing off each other, Gracie in total wonder and awe watching how Taylor records and produces her vocal performances and builds the world,” he said.

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