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    Watch: Olivia Rodrigo Fan Shouts “F**k Taylor Swift” During Her Live Concert

    Taylor Swift has conquered the music industry by gaining the title of one of the most influential female artists of her era. Given her reputation, many new female artists in the music industry like Sabrina Carpenter and Olivia Rodrigo look up to her for guidance and support, and Swift has seldom disappointed them. However, it seems some of Olivia Rodrigo’s fans don’t like Taylor Swift.

    During a recent Olivia Rodrigo concert, a fan used the F-word for Taylor Swift and Olivia didn’t even flinch or react to the incident. Many on social media are bringing up the fact that being a Taylor Stan, Rodrigo should have said something back to the abusive fan.

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    Olivia Rodrigo Fan Uses F-Word For Taylor Swift During Her Concert

    Olivia Rodrigo and Taylor Swift
    Rodrigo and Swift

    Olivia Rodrigo was performing during a concert when a fan from the audience randomly shouted “F**k Taylor Swift”. The disrespectful comment may have taken some other concert-goers aback, but Rodrigo continued singing.

    While Swift and Rodrigo have been openly supportive of each other and appreciated each other’s works, the fan’s comment put of the blue made no sense. Even so, many are contending that Rodrigo should have reacted and shut the disrespectful fan down.

    Although it is unclear whether or not Olivia heard it, as she continued to perform like a professional. Social media is abuzz with many fans suggesting how Rodrigo’s reaction should have been better, suggesting she should have put the fan in his place.

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    Fans Reaction To Olivia Not Calling Back The Disrespectful Fan

    Olivia Rodrigo
    Olivia Rodrigo

    After the person shouted the F-word for Taylor Swift, many others present in the audience murmured things like “No” and “What” in distinctive voices (which could be heard in the video). However, an unfazed Rodrigo continued her performance.

    After the video of the incident hit the internet, many fans on X (Twitter) called out the fan for the slur, while others also slammed Rodrigo for not reacting. Here are some of the tweets from a few people.

    Olivia Rodrigo has neither reacted, nor released an official statement on the matter.

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