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    “Sh*t, We Were Worrying About Getting Killed”: Denzel Washington Feared For His Life After ‘Malcom X’

    It is rare to see a biopic as controversial as Malcom X. Directed and co-written by Spike Lee, the movie was an important turning point in the life and career of Denzel Washington. He has been critically acclaimed for his role as an African-American revolutionary and human rights activist. 

    However, risks are always there whenever politics gets involved with cinema. And Denzel Washington realized that along with the others involved with the movie. So let’s take a look at what he has to say. 

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    Why Playing The Lead In ‘Malcom X’ Was Dangerous? 

    Denzel Washington as Malcom X
    Denzel Washington as Malcom X

    After landing the role of Malcom X, Washington did research on the character and that was when he realized the weight of his role. “I remember feeling two ways: Like this was heavy, mean stuff and also like this was helping me get some things off my chest,” Denzel Washington said.

    There was something invigorating about being able to say things you felt. I remember thinking what it must have felt like to be so free to be able to say anything. It must have made for tension,” he added.

    Spike Lee did bring up a very touchy subject when he decided to shoot the movie. Malcom X is intertwined with many people’s hearts and emotions. “S***, we were worrying about getting killed. You’re talking about politics, we were trying to stay alive,” Washington said. “Put it this way: we were stepping on some serious toes. And I’m not just talking about the studio,” Washington added.

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    Denzel Washington On The Controversies Faced By The Movie

    Malcom X
    Malcom X

    When you are tasked with portraying a figure who is considered God by many, you have taken some serious burden on yourself. And Denzel Washington understood that. ‘Malcom X’ faced numerous controversies even before it was released. Many people tried even to stop the shoot. 

    I’m not Malcolm X, but the same God that moved Malcolm X can move me. This is a story about the evolution of a man,” Washington said. “It’s a spiritual, philosophical, political evolution. My prayer is to illustrate that and have that be some kind of a healing for people. Some who knew Malcolm want to put him on a pedestal, but that’s not changing anything,” said Denzel Washington. 

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