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    Singer Lenny Kravitz Reveals He Found Out He Has To Get Fully Naked For ‘TK421’ Music Video While Shooting It

    Sex appeal in movies and songs has become a norm — and perhaps rightly so, because why should nudity be the point where art gets restricted? ‘TK421‘, the latest single by singer Lenny Kravitz, is one such example where nudity has been utilized in perhaps the best way possible.

    The singer himself featured in the music video, and to his fans’ surprise, showed off a lot of skin. However, the nudity came as a surprise not just for his fans but also for Kravitz himself. As the musician revealed, he had no idea what he was expected to do in the video until he arrived at the sets for the shoot.

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    “She Showed Up And Said Take Your Clothes Off!”: Lenny Kravitz Recalls Shoot Day For ‘TK421

    Lenny Kravitz (Image: Getty)

    The Grammy-winning musician was speaking at the Palm Springs International Festival red carpet when he shared that the initial concept of the song proposed by director Tanu Muino didn’t include him stripping down completely. And when it did, he found it out while he was already doing it.

    She came to me and said, ‘This is what we’re going to do. You’re going to get out of bed, you’re going to get ready for the day, you’re going to get dressed, and then you’re going to walk out of the house,'” he said.

    However, when Kravitz reached the set for the shoot, he found out that there’s a different plan in place. “The morning she showed up and she said, ‘Take your clothes off,'” he said.  “But it was fun. It was fun, and I had a lot of fun doing it.”

    The music video of the said single starts with Kravitz waking up. Just as he turns over in the video, his sheets are ripped away, revealing that he’s completely naked. Throughout the video, he strategically avoids exposing all of his skin, using household items and his hand in an attempt to preserve his modesty.

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    Lenny Kravitz Says ‘TK421’ Is About “Positive Energy”

    Lenny Kravitz in ‘TK421’ music video (Image: YouTube)

    Speaking about the song earlier during an October interview that was widely shared on TikTok, Kravitz had said that ‘TK421‘ is about “positive energy” and “positive spirit.”

    One of my favorite movies is Boogie Nights by Paul Thomas Anderson. There’s a character, Buck Swope, he’s working in this stereo store, and he’s trying to sell this stereo to this guy and why he should buy it, but he’s saying, ‘If you really want this stereo to sound really, really good and work, you have to get the TK421 modification,'” Lenny said.

    He doesn’t really know what he’s talking about and he’s just bulls—ting the guy to spend this money to do the modification,” Kravitz said. “I use that as a metaphor because the TK421 is this thing that makes it better. That gives it more power,” he added.

    The singer also revealed that the title of the song has connections to the Star Wars universe. “TK421 is also the name, or number I guess, of a stormtrooper in the original Star Wars,” he revealed. “It started with George Lucas, went to Paul Thomas Anderson, and now to my song,” he had said.

    Kravitz’s upcoming album, ‘Blue Electric Light’, is set to be released on March 15. Meanwhile, the music video for ‘TK421′ is available for viewing on YouTube.

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