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    Top 10 Music Artists To Look Forward To In 2024

    The year 2023 has been a ride with various interpolations between artists and genres. Several crossovers dominated the charts, like Jack Harlow and Jungkook’s ‘3D’. However, the year was dominated by Taylor Swift with her chart-topping albums and the successful ‘Eras Tour’. While the year had many new emerging artists in the pop, country, and electro-music arenas, the hip-hop genre was dominated by the OGs.

    The music industry has become one of the most lucrative industries in the world. In 2022, the value of global recorded music was $26.2 billion, with more than 10% growth in music streaming subscriptions. The emergence of Latin pop and reggaeton on the music scene has contributed hugely to the commercial and artistic aspects of the industry. New-age pop girlies like Tate McRae, Sabrina Carpenter, and PinkPantheress are packaging the old, nostalgic mood into a fiercely self-identifying sound. Many artists have shown promise in recent years and can emerge as successful artists in the coming year.

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    10) Lourdiz


    If you have not listened to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Pink Friday 2’, please go listen to it right now. Are you back? Be seated, because Lourdiz is going to be blown away after her feature on Cowgirl. The Texas artist has been living in Los Angeles.

    She has been released for quite some time while writing music for artists like G Eazy, Anitta, and other artists. Her latest releases include ‘Suicide Down’ with Lil Gotit and ‘Shoot Me Down’. Lourdiz was also featured on Saweetie’s ‘Back Seat’. The artist tries to amalgamate her Spanish roots while trying to experiment with various sounds.

    9) Charlotte Adigéry And Bolis Pupul

    Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul
    Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul

    Watch out for the two veterans, Charlotte Adigéry and Bolis Pupul, to take over the electronic pop playlists on your devices.

    The musical duo is on tour with their 2022 album ‘Topical Dancer’, where the Belgian artists take down racism and xenophobia and address other issues with the amalgamation of early-millennium rock and electronic music.

    Under Charlotte’s name, they released the 2019 EP ‘Zandoli’. Bolis will be releasing a new album dedicated to their mother titled ‘Letter To Yu’ in March 2024.

    8) Keanan

    KeananImage Courtesy: BBC
    Image Courtesy: BBC

    The industry has not been very welcoming to LGBTQIA+ artists, who have always pushed to have a unique voice that was born out of the oppression that they face. Keanan is a young rap artist who is trying to break into the industry with his unique pop and hip-hop sound.

    The artist has amassed a lot of popularity on social media. His latest single, ‘Butterscotch’, is a sure summer anthem hit. He released an album, ‘Exhibit Green’, in 2022. The Cheltenham rapper has been featured on Gay Times and Coke Studio’s Breakthrough campaign. The artist exhibits a lot of potential as a queer rap artist.

    7) Glorilla


    The Tennessee-based rapper Glorilla popped onto the rap scene with her hit single ‘FNF (Let’s Go)’. The emerging artist in the “p***y rap” scene got signed to Yo Gotti’s CMG label under Interscope Records. She released ‘Tomorrow 2’ with Cardi B. She has three million listeners on Spotify. Recently, she has released several singles under the ‘CMG The Label’ playlist.

    6) The Japanese House

    The Japanese House
    The Japanese House

    Amber Mary Bain, aka The Japanese House, has been on the music scene since 2013. Her life changed after Matty Healy gave her the moniker in 2012. Matty helped her produce Amber’s music under the Dirty Hit label.

    The Japanese House released her first single, ‘Still’, and her career rose to greater heights. She dabbles in electropop and dream pop. Some of her hit singles are ‘Saw You in a Dream’, ‘Touching Yourself’, ‘Boyhood’, and others. In 2023, she released the ‘In the End It Always Does’ album. She is currently on a global tour with the album.

    5) Sexxy Red

    Sexxy Red
    Sexxy Red

    The St. Louis native, Janae Nierah Wherry, aka Sexxy Red, has created a lot of buzz since she released her viral rap song ‘Pound Town’ in January 2023.

    However, the rapper has been active on the scene since 2010, but Red went viral with her 2018 song ‘Ah Thousand Jugs’. However, ‘Pound Town’ got the industry talking about the artist. She got Nicki Minaj to feature on ‘Pound Town 2’.

    Since then, Sexxy Red has been featured on Drake’s latest album, ‘For All the Dogs’. She also worked with NLE Choppa and Travis Scott.

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    4) Khamari


    If you look at Khamari’s Spotify description box, it says, “Been thinking about what to put in this box for 3 years.” The artist is an emerging R&B songwriter who released his debut album, ‘A Brief Nirvana’, in May 2023.

    The album focuses on the navigation of life amidst the frustration one encounters due to stagnation. He released an EP in 2020 titled ‘Eldorado’. The Boston-born artist studied at the Berklee School of Music but later decided to follow his passion for creating music.

    3) Tate McRae

    Tate McRae
    Tate McRae

    Make way! The new pop girl on the block has finally arrived! After launching herself to mild success with her 2020 album ‘You Broke Me First’, Tate McRae has burst onto the scene with ‘Exes’ and ‘Greedy’.

    The latter was still climbing up the charts when she debuted her live performance at Jimmy Fallon’s show and later during the Billboard Music Awards. She rejuvenated the spirit of pop connoisseurs after Rae presented her dance skills. Tater-Tots is beyond excited, as she released a new album titled ‘Think Later’ in December 2023.

    2) Tyla


    The internet was set on fire after the South Africa-based pop and R&B artist, Tyla, debuted her single, ‘Water’, on Jimmy Fallon’s show. She has taken the internet by storm with her Water by Tyla challenge.

    The song is a great mix of pop, piano, Afro, and R&B. Tyla, the Johannesburg native, came onto the scene with her debut single, ‘Getting Late’, which was released in 2019. After getting signed to Epic Records, she released two singles, ‘Been Thinking’ and ‘To Last’. Tyla was also seen on Chris Brown’s ‘Under The Influence’ tour.

    1) PinkPantheress

    PinkPantheressImage Courtesy: Elle
    Image Courtesy: Elle

    Young Vicky Beverly Walker got obsessed with music when she used to take piano lessons. Today, that young Vicky is known as PinkPantheress around the world. The singer is known for her Y2K fashion and infusing nostalgia for early pop into her music. In 2021, she released her mixtape ‘To Hell With It’.

    Songs like ‘Just For Me’ and ‘Pain’ climbed the charts in the UK. However, her collaboration with UK-based rapper Central Cee on ‘Obsessed With You’ made her visible. She then went on to tour with her mixtape, and throughout the 2022 spring, she opened for Halsey. But PinkPanteress got global recognition for her mega-hit single ‘Boy’s A Liar’, which later featured Ice Spice, making it peak at No. 3 on the Billboard 100.

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