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    Sofia Vergara Accuses Her LA Mansion Contractors Of ‘Homophobic Conduct’ After They Sued Her For $1.7 Million Over Unpaid Work

    Sofia Vergara seems to be catching lawsuits left and right. It is truly said when it rains it pours. Reside Custom Homes (RCH) accused Vergara of not paying them their due and now her lawyer has responded to these accusations.

    Vergara has also been going through a lot more legal work due to her divorce from her ex-husband Joe Manganiello and the lawsuit by the Blanco family. The legal battle seems to be nowhere near its end for Vergara. However, her defendant is setting the record straight in the case of the RCH lawsuit.

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    Sofia Vergara
    Sofia Vergara

    Earlier at the end of last year Reside Custom Homes accused Sofia Vergara of not giving a dime after they performed the renovations on her mansion in Beverly Hills. They claimed that they were hired in April of 2022 to upgrade her $26 million abode. Even when the renovations were completed by December 2022, Vergara demanded an absurd amount of extensions on the renovations which resulted in almost an extra year of work from their side only to not be paid their due at the end of their contract. The company has demanded a total of $1.7 million from Vergara’s side.

    Marty Singer, Sofia Vergara’s current lawyer has turned the whole case on its head by revealing that Sofia had sent a letter to the company on Oct 4th, 2022 which stated that the renovations were “shoddy” and way below the standard quality. This happened to be weeks before RCH filed its lawsuit. Singer has also boldly proclaimed that the claims by RCH are no more than desperate attempts to gain their fifteen minutes of attention and that the case should be moved into arbitration away from the public eye.

    Not only are (RCH’s) claims subject to arbitration, they are nothing more than frivolous counterclaims that were concocted after Defendants’ counsel sent an October 2023 demand letter regarding (RCH’s) failures to perform its obligations as General Contractor,” the motion read, according to documents accessed by Radar Online.

    “(RCH) filed this action in direct contravention of the obligation to arbitrate in order to publicize a false narrative and seek to embarrass well-known actress, Defendant Sofia Vergara, given her public persona.” is what Mr Singer had to say further.

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    Vergara’s Side Also Pleads RCH To Be Homophobic

    Sofia Vergara
    Sofia Vergara

    Reside Custom Homes seems to be pursuing not just a false narrative of the famous ‘Modern Familyactress but also homophobic acts according to Marty Singer. The advocate has claimed that “(RCH) seeks to publicize a false narrative to blunt the effect of its fraudulent representations that induced the agreement allowing (RCH) to work at Defendants’ property, the failure to perform its agreements, including with respect to approval of subcontractors, negligence in constructing the Property necessitating many costly repairs, and (RCH’s) horrific and unauthorized homophobic conduct.”

    Workers from RCH apparently referred to homosexual people as “fairies” amongst other derogatory terms. A queer representative was also said to have been fired due to their sexuality. The court’s verdict on whether the case will be taken into arbitration and not be fought in the Los Angeles Superior Court remains to be heard. It is difficult to say whose side of the court will have the ball at the end of this judgment.

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