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    “Someone Else’s Poop Went Into My Mouth And I Ate It”: Christina Applegate Gets Candid About Suffering From Sapovirus

    Christina Applegate is known for being witty and outspoken. She’s not afraid to be funny and tell it like it is, both on-screen and off. While the other Hollywood actors keep their imperfections private, Appleton does not seem to care.

    Being one of the most down-to-earth and relatable celebrities she recently talked about another one of her horrible experiences. She shared her experience with contracting Sapovirus and how it was not a pleasant one in any way.

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    “I’m Gonna Be Gross” Christina Applegate Opens Up About Her Horrible Experience After Contracting Sapovirus

    Christina Applegate
    Christina Applegate

    While on the Messy Podcast, Christina Applegate did not hold back while talking about her horrible and gross experience with sapovirus. Additionally, the way the virus spreads is horrifying. They rely on the fecal-oral route, which means contaminated stool or objects harboring the virus can easily transmit it to others.

    Despite the terrible nature of the virus, Christina remained her bubbly self and joked about her experience. “I woke up at 3 o’clock in the morning in a pool of s–t. Didn’t know it happened, and having MS at 3 o’clock in the morning and trying to change your sheets, it’s not fun,” she said.

    She claimed that due to her body being compromised by previously catching Covid-19 the symptoms were way worse for her. She added that she was not able to do anything and besides the virus, she also caught a chest infection and a speeding heart rate.

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    Christina Applegate Hilariously Talks About Her Experience With Adult Diapers

    Christina Applegate
    Christina Applegate

    Catching the sapovirus leads to a lot of horrible symptoms and situations, one of them being adult diapers. Christina talked about how after constantly waking up in a ‘pool of sh*t’ she decided to wear adult diapers to improve her quality of life.

    However, despite her traumatizing experiences with the virus, her happy demeanor did not fade. On the same podcast, she joked about adult diapers being made pretty for women. She claimed that she did not understand why something that was to get covered in urine needed to be pretty.

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