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    Stalker Of Taylor Swift Creates Scene In Court During Initial Hearing

    According to the New York Daily News, on Saturday, law enforcement officials apprehended a Taylor Swift stalker who had been following and threatening the singer. On June 12, a guy in his late 30s was taken into custody after he was accused of making threats over an intercom at the apartment of the “Blank Space” singer, which is located on Franklin Street in Tribeca.

    It was said that the man from Brooklyn smashed an intercom and made a threat that he would “hurt her if they weren’t together.” Later on that day, security guards notified police about the incident, although Swift was not at home at the time.

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    “Stalker” Of Taylor Swift loses His Temper In Court

    "Stalker" of Taylor Swift loses his temper in court
    “Stalker” of Taylor Swift loses his temper in court

    Accused of stalking and criminal trespassing, Christian was taken into custody last weekend.

    The Brooklyn resident outburst at a court hearing on Saturday. During the stressful arraignment hearing that took place on Saturday, Joshua Christian, 35, wanted to be allowed to represent himself in place of the court-appointed defense counsel that had been assigned to him.

    “Are you all the greatest jokers in history or are you genuinely real? Prove you’re real. Prove you’re real,” he yelled in the courtroom.

    To avoid extradition to Florida, where Christian faces reckless driving and leaving the scene of an accident charges, the judge in Manhattan Criminal Court requested Christian to renounce extradition on Saturday.

    In response to his disorderly demeanor, court authorities had to lead him away.

    Christian Has Gone On A Stalking Spree Twice In The Past Few Months

    Christian Has Gone On a stalking spree twice
    Christian Has Gone On a stalking spree twice

    Such stalking incidents have occurred twice recently at Swift’s Tribeca house on Franklin Street, where she is said to possess numerous properties. A crazed fan was reportedly spotted lingering outside Taylor Swift’s condo, waiting for her to emerge.

    On March 26, at around 11:05 am, and on June 12, at roughly 10:50 am, there were allegations of stalking occurrences, according to the police report

    According to the news source, Christian, who was dressed all in white from head to toe and wearing a similar mask, spoke with his lawyer, causing the judge to put the matter on hold until night court began.

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