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    “Stop With The Continous Cyber Games”: Travis Scott Denies Rumors That He Cheated On Kylie Jenner

    The socialite Kylie Jenner and rapper Travis Scott have been together for about five years. They have built a beautiful family with two children, four-year-old Stormi Webster, and another Webster a few months old. The partners are keeping up a good profile as one of the most influential couples in the industry today.

    As happened a few years back, allegations have come up associating Travis Scott with other women. He was accused of cheating on his girlfriend, Kylie. But this time the singer is setting the record straight. He slammed all the rumors that were going around. How did these allegations start? Here’s all about the origin of the breakup rumors.

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    Is Travis Scott Going Back To His Ex-Girlfriend?

    Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner
    Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner

    Recently rumors have spread that the 31-year-old is cheating on his girlfriend Kylie Jenner. The internet has connected the record producer, Travis Scott back to his ex-girlfriend Rojean Kar. The duo started dating in 2013 and ended their relationship in 2017. With new rumors up on the internet, the Sicko Mode rapper has taken to deny all the rumors through an Instagram story.

    It’s a lot of weird s–t going on,” the singer wrote on his Instagram story on October 22. “An uninvited person was sneaking photos on what was supposed to be a closed set while I was directing a video. I’m saying this for the last time. I don’t know this person. I’ve never been with this person. So, please stop with the continuous cyber games and the fictional storytelling.

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    Where Did The Rumors Start From?

    Travis Scott and Rojean Kar
    Travis Scott and Rojean Kar

    Travis and Kylie had a breakup back in 2019. The Instagram model Rojean Kar had denied rumors of a fling back then. Now the talks have come back. The rumor started as the Astroworld rapper was found to be present in an Instagram video that the blogger posted on her account.

    As speculations started to rise Scott rejected all the claims by posting a statement on his story. The 27-year-old has now shared a selfie video in her IG story as a reply to the rapper. “Saying you don’t know me and you’ve never once been with me when you’ve definitely been with me, when f–king everybody’s seen you with me, when I have pictures and videos of you with me, come on,” Rojean responded on her story.

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