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    ‘Stranger Things’ Star Noah Schnapp Thrown Out Of Club For Getting Angry After Getting “Aggressively Wasted”

    Stranger Things‘ star Noah Schnapp is seemingly jumping from one controversy to the other. After receiving heavy backlash for his controversial views on the Israel-Hamas war, the actor has now found himself in in hot water yet again, this time for being irresponsibly drunk.

    A report suggests that the teenaged actor was thrown out from a New York club after reportedly drinking too much and causing a scene with other patrons. Here’s what the report says.

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    Noah Schnapp Was So Intoxicated He Couldn’t Stand Straight After Being Thrown Out Of The Club

    Noah Schnapp
    Noah Schnapp

    Other than his commendable role in ‘Stranger Things‘, Noah Schnapp is known for his fair share of controversies. The 19-year-old star is keeping up with is reputation, as he was allegedly removed from The Palace club early Saturday morning after getting “aggressively wasted,” as reported by Page Six.

    According to the quoted source, Schnapp’s night took a downturn when he got “angry” at other clubgoers who refused to take tequila shots with him because he is underage. After the actor created a scene, the security at the club had no choice but to thrown him out around 1:30 a.m.

    The source further claimed that Schnapp was reportedly so drunk that he couldn’t even stand on his own after being thrown out of the club. A footage from the outside of the said club showed Schnapp sitting with his entourage, as he looked visibly intoxicated.

    In one video, he has his arm around someone, and in another, he helps a friend onto the couch while a woman dances nearby.

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    Noah Schnapp Has A Flair For Falling Into Controversies

    Still from 'Stranger Things'
    Still from ‘Stranger Things’

    Tis would not be the first time that Noah Schnapp is making headlines for a controversy that puts hi  in bad limelight. This is rather an addition to a list of controversies including the backlash he faced for allegedly using the N-word in a 2019 video while singing ‘Freaky Friday’.

    A year after that, he was criticized for publicly sharing private messages from singer Doja Cat, who had asked him to set her up with his co-star Joseph Quinn. Doja Cat also responded while expressing her disappointment in him on Instagram Live.

    Maybe he is, like a whole snake. But I didn’t see him that way. I made an assumption that he was gonna be chill about it and he went and shared information that I didn’t feel comfortable with him sharing,” the singer had said at the time.

    Schnapp also drew heavy criticism for his vocal support of Israel amid the ongoing Israel-Hamas crisis. He later addressed the heavy backlash by stating his “beliefs have been so far misconstrued.”

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