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    ‘Stranger Things’ Star Sadie Sink Joins Marvel Cinematic Universe

    Sadie Sink is one of the most beloved characters in Netflix’s supernatural series ‘Stranger Things.’ Initially joining as a supporting cast, she gradually became a very pivotal part of the overall story. The latest scene had her playing a key role in the climax.

    Lately, there has been a wave of so many actors joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). According to some reports, Sadie is now one of them. The talented actress will soon be sharing the screen with superheroes.

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    Sadie Sink Joins The MCU

    Sadie Sink
    Sadie Sink

    It feels like every living actor either wants to or will be part of the MCU in the future. According to a report from Giant Freakin Robot, the 20-year-old actress is the latest performer to join Marvel.

    According to them, Sadie will be playing the role of supervillain Songbird, also known as the villain Screaming Mimi. The character is a part of the Thunderbolts team.

    The character of Songbird initially started out as a hero after the Avengers and Fantastic Four were presumed dead. She possesses a lot of superpowers like supersonic sounds that can kill her opponents. As a former wrestler, Songbird is also skilled in hand-to-hand combat.

    Kevin Feige, Marvel’s President, confirmed about the upcoming Thunderbolts project at San Diego Comic-Con. But there are no details yet. The report speculates that the Sadie starrer project will also have Baron Zemo, who featured in the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldier. But the project might not reach the audience before 2024.

    Winona Ryder Feels Sadie Has The Potential To Be The Next Meryl Streep

    Sadie Sink and Winona Ryder
    Sadie Sink and Meryl Streep

    Winona Ryder, who plays the role of Joyce Byers in ‘Stranger Things‘, is highly impressed by Sadie. She compared Sadie with two of the greatest screen actresses of all time.

    In an interview, Winona said, “Sadie is like Liv Ullmann.” She then added, “She’s going to be like Meryl Streep.” That is a huge compliment and a very earned one since Sadie has received praise for her acting.

    Winonaworked with the icon on 1993’s ‘The House of the Spirits‘ and the two share an amazing bond.

    The fifth season of ‘Stranger Things‘ is currently in the works. It will be the final season of Netflix’s one of the most successful shows of all time. The final might release sometime in 2024.

    Read More: Winona Ryder Shares That Sadie Sink Has The Potential To Be The Next Meryl Streep

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