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    “That Was Kinda Cool”: Travis Kelce’s Teammate Mecole Hardman Jr. Recalls What Taylor Swift Said To Him After Chiefs Super Bowl Win

    Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift‘s Super Bowl victory kiss on the field was nothing short of a scene straight from a rom-com. While the fans of both stars still can’t stop gushing over it, there’s more to the iconic moment.

    Fans may just be focusing on the romance that reflected from that viral moment, but Swift has more to offer as always. It was not just her boyfriend Travis Kelce whom she congratulated on the field for the phenomenal win. She also greeted his teammates, and they have a fond memory of it.

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    “Man, It Was Crazy”: Mecole Hardman Says Taylor Swift Was Proud Of His Game

    Taylor Swift and Mecole Hardman Jr. (Credit: Getty)
    Taylor Swift and Mecole Hardman Jr. (Credit: Getty)

    Mecole Hardman Jr., the wide receiver for the Kansas City Chiefs, recently shared that he to had a heartwarming moment with Taylor Swift after his team won the Super Bowl match. It was Harman’s catch that made his team win the match this year. While he was basking in the glory of his catch and the win that it brought for his team, Taylor Swift worked as the cherry on the cake for this important moment of his life.

    Hardman was speaking on an episode of the Pivot Podcast’, when he recounted Swift’s encouraging words to him after the game. He said that not only did the pop sensation praised him for his performance, but also expressed her pride in him.

    She was like, ‘Good job, proud of you, good game.’ Like, ‘Man, it was crazy,’” Hardman said. He is the wide receiver of the team, and had caught a touchdown pass from Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes. It was his move that brought the team its third Super Bowl win in five seasons.

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    Mecole Hardman Has A Skill That Taylor Swift Is Quite Impressed With

    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Credit: Getty)
    Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce (Credit: Getty)

    The interaction between Taylor and Hardman was not the first one they had. The 25-year-old said he met the singer earlier in the season at a get-together hosted by her Kelce. Hardman had impressed Swift with a deck of cards magic trick. And Taylor remembered it.

    As he continued talking about their conversation on the winning day, he added, “Then she said something about doing these magic tricks.[When] I first met her, I was doing magic tricks with the cards — I got a few tricks I can do with the cards — and she was like, ‘This is crazy,’ and every time she sees me, she talks about it,” he added.

    So then she was like, man, you and these cards, your hands are magical, something she was saying like that, ” he added. “That was kinda cool, her saying that.”

    Since going public with her relationship with Travis Kelce last summer,  Taylor Swift has become a beloved one among the Chiefs. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes has also praised Swift’s character in past, describing how she seamlessly blended into the Chiefs Kingdom over time.

    Now, she’s just part of Chiefs Kingdom and she’s part of the team,” 28-year-old Mahomes had said in December.

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