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    “The A**Hole Is Trying To Threaten Me”: Rebel Wilson Claims Threats From Sacha Baron Cohen After Accusing Him Of Sexual Assault In Her Memoir

    Hollywood may appear vibrant and flashy, but it has its own downsides that go beyond envy and betrayal. While it is no secret that women and men have equally been the victims of sexual assault in Hollywood, some cases have come off as a huge shock to many because of the assaulters in question.

    From Michael Jackson to Kevin Spacey, some well-acclaimed names in Hollywood have faced the brunt of being named as sexual abusers. Another such name has come forward from Rebel Wilson’s new memoir, where she has detailed a sexual assault incident involving Sacha Baron Cohen. The actress is now contending that she is receiving threats from him ahead of her book’s release.

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    Rebel Wilson Claims She Is Being Bullied And Silenced By High-Priced Lawyers

    Rebel Wilson calls out this A**hole for threatening her/ Credits: dpa
    Rebel Wilson (Credit: Instagram @rebelwilson)

    Rebel Wilson is set to release her memoir titled ‘Rebel Rising’, wherein she has detailed a sexual harassment incident, accusing her ‘Brother’s Grimsby‘ co-actor Sacha Baron Cohen. While there was much frenzy about the release of the book after the details of sexual assault allegations surfaced in the media, the actor blatantly denied the claims.

    Days after the news broke, Wilson has now claimed that Sacha Baron Cohen is threatening to block her book release through his lawyers and PR Manager. The Australian actress had referred to Cohen as an “a** hole” in her book, and she is using the same terminology as she addressed the alleged threats on social media.

    “I wrote about an a**hole in my book. Now, said a**hole is trying to threaten me,” Rebel had written in a deleted Instagram Story. “He’s hired a crisis PR manager and lawyers. He is trying to stop the press coming out about my book. But the book WILL come out, and you will all know the truth,” she added.

    The actress made sure that she kept the identity of the person and the projects they worked on a secret. She simply referred to him as a “massive a**hole“.

    She brought another reference to Cohen in her Instagram post where she discussed the “no a**holes policy” she adapted after the incident. Soon after the post, she disclosed that “the chapter on said asshole is chapter 23. That guy was a massive asshole.”

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    Rebel Wilson’s Memoir Touches Upon Some Sensitive Topics

    Rebel Wilson with her book 'Rebel Rising'/ instagram @rebelwilson
    Rebel Wilson with her book ‘Rebel Rising’ (Credit: Instagram @rebelwilson)

    Rebel Wilson later herself clarified that it was Sacha Baron Cohen who is trying to threaten her and stop her from getting her book published. “I will not be bullied or silenced by high priced lawyers or PR crisis managers. The “asshole” that I am talking about in ONE CHAPTER of my book is: Sacha Baron Cohen,” she wrote in her Instagram story.

    Rebel and Sacha worked together in a spy-comedy action filmBrothers Grimsby‘, where she played the role of his wife and a mother of 11 kids.

    Rebel’s memoir is about her exploration of her life and the issues she faced with her weight, fertility, sexuality, rejections and more. According to Simon and SchusterRebel Rising explores Rebel’s incredible journey of ‘making it,’ constantly questioning, ‘Am I good enough? Will I ever find love? Will I ever change and become healthy?’

    The memoir is set for launch on April 2.

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