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    “Timing Wasn’t Great”: Rebel Wilson Comments On Isla Fisher And Sacha Baron Cohen’s Divorce Amidst Her Harassment Revelations Against Him

    The fallout from Rebel Wilson‘s bombshell claims about her former co-star Sacha Baron Cohen continues. Rebel accused Sacha of making her feel “disgusting” and “horrible” in her memoir. Additionally, not a lot of time after the accusations, Sacha’s marriage with long-time wife Isla came to an end.

    While nothing is confirmed the timing of the divorce is very coincidental. Sacha denied everything. However, Rebel’s friendship with Cohen’s wife, actress Isla Fisher, might be a casualty of the situation. 

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    Was Rebel Wilson’s Memoir The Catalyst For Sacha Baron Cohen And Isla Fisher’s Divorce?

    Sacha Baron Cohen and Rebel Wilson
    Sacha Baron Cohen and Rebel Wilson

    Things came to a head following the release of Wilson’s memoir, ‘Rebel Rising.’ In the book, Wilson detailed alleged inappropriate behavior by Cohen on the set of their 2016 film ‘Grimsby.’ Shortly after the book hit shelves, Fisher and Cohen announced their split after 14 years of marriage. 

    The timing of the divorce announcement fueled speculation about a connection to Wilson’s claims. Additionally, Rebel doesn’t believe her claims caused the divorce, she admits, “The timing wasn’t great for him.” This suggests she understands how her revelations might have indirectly impacted the couple.

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    Rebel Wilson Hints At Strained Friendship With Isla Fisher

    Rebel Wilson and Isla Fisher
    Rebel Wilson and Isla Fisher

    Wilson and Fisher co-starred in the 2012 comedy ‘Bachelorette,’ and were thought to be friends. However, in a recent interview with the independent, Wilson revealed she hasn’t spoken to Fisher since the news broke. “Obviously, I used to be friends with her before all this happened,” she said, acknowledging the awkwardness of the situation. 

    Despite the friendship seemingly on the rocks, Wilson seems focused on the future.  She has remained tight-lipped about the specifics of her relationship with Cohen, and her career continues to flourish. However, the shadow of the Cohen situation lingers. Fans are left wondering if Wilson and Fisher will ever reconcile. Additionally, The public may never know the full extent of their conversations or the true impact of the ‘Grimsby’ allegations on their friendship. 

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