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    “No Money Ever”: Rebel Wilson Says Not Even $50 Million Can Make Her Work With Sacha Baron Cohen Again Who Allegedly Asked Her Stick Her Finger Up His A**

    Rebel Wilson’s memoir’s release has made several headlines due to her bold claims against her fellow actors. The Australian actress has talked about her interaction with several people in Hollywood like Sacha Baron Cohen, Russell Crowe, and Adele.

    However, her accusations against Sacha Baron Cohen stood out due to the severity. Rebel had accused Cohen of sexual assault while on the set of ‘The Grimsby’. According to her memoir Cohen allegedly ”pulled his pants down and said ‘Okay, now I want you to stick your finger up my as*.”

    She talked about how uncomfortable she was with the situation. However, Sacha denied Wilson’s claims. Additionally, while Talking to Andy Cohen at ‘Watch What Happens Live’ Rebel was asked if she would ever work with Sacha Baron Cohen Again.

    How much money would it take for you to work with Sacha Baron Cohen again?” Cohen asked Wilson. She was quick to reply and claimed that “no money ever” could get her to work with Sacha again. Andy tried to get Rebel to agree to an amount that she would need to work with Sacha again. However, she stood her ground. 

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    Rebel Wilson Talks About Her Relationship With Russell Crowe And Adele

    Rebel Wilson, Adele, and Russell Crowe
    Rebel Wilson, Adele, and Russell Crowe

    Alongside Sacha Baron Cohen, Rebel also talked about her mentions of Adele and Russell Crowe in her memoir. Andy Cohen asked her about her relationship with Crowe as she had talked about how Crowe had asked her to “f*ck off”. 

    She claimed that she had sorted it out with Russell and called him a nice guy. “I told him the story and he’s like, ‘Yeah, that sounds right.’ Because that’s just him,” she said. “He’s an awesome guy and yes, we’ve joked about it since.

    Additionally, Rebel had also written about Adele not liking her. She talked about how Adele would ignore her at the big parties they attended. However, she clarified that it was just speculation. 

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