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    “I Know It’s Superficial, But It’s Nice”: Rebel Wilson Says People’s Behavior Towards Her Changed After She Lost Weight

    Body shaming is a bigger problem in Hollywood than it is anywhere else. For an industry that thrives on looks and glamour, it is of utmost importance how attractive one looks. And as patriarchy has it, the expectations are heavier on women than they are on men. Rebel Wilson, who has recently been in the limelight for her upcoming memoir and the secrets she has fearlessly spilled in it, is speaking up against the consequences she faced of being fat for the most part of her life.

    Known for her roles in films like ‘Pitch Perfect, Rebel Wilson is opening up about the profound changes she experienced after she lost weight loss journey. Ahead of the release of her memoir ‘Rebel Rising‘, the actress has opened up about several aspects of her life, including her weight loss journey and how majorly it impacted her life.

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    Rebel Wilson Opens Up About Her Weight Loss Struggle

    Rebel Wilson (Credit: Instagram)
    Rebel Wilson (Credit: Instagram)

    Speaking during an interview with People, 44-year-old Rebel Wilson reflected on her decision to embark on a “year of health” during the pandemic in 2020. Wilson shared how she gradually shed weight over the course of a year, not just to transform her appearance but also to improve her health and fertility so she could start a family.

    I was getting quite a lot of attention for the weight loss,” she said during the interview. “I thought, ‘Gosh, people are so intrigued by this.’ Literally, I got more attention for weight loss than any movie I’d ever done.”

    I know that’s superficial, but it was nice. And I went, ‘Oh, is this what hot people experience all the time?’ Their life must be so bloody blessed,” she added with a laugh, as she also noted how people had now started holding the door for her or paying more attention while she was in public.

    The transformation in her physique also brought about a noticeable shift in the way people interacted with her. Wilson said it was “such positive reinforcement” that it motivated her to keep up with the healthy lifestyle.

    It was interesting to know exactly what it’s like to be invisible sexually and then to be visible,” she said. “I’ve experienced both sides of the coin.”

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    Rebel Wilson Aims To Motivate People To Embrace Healthy Lifestyle Through Her Memoir

    Rebel Wilson (Credit: Instagram)
    Rebel Wilson (Credit: Instagram)

    The emotional journey of her weight loss journey was also one of the factors that inspired Wilson to write her upcoming memoir, ‘Rebel Rising’. Set for release on April 2, the book is a reflection of Rebel’s life, but also at the same time aims to dispel misconceptions about weight loss and give insight into the emotional challenges associated with it.

    People often out there think that there’s some magic pill, or some sick special diet, or exercise regime or whatever,” Wilson said. “If (people) are like me and an emotional eater, that it’s not about that stuff. It’s literally about working at a healthier way to deal with your emotions, and there is no magic solution.”

    And then maybe me telling my story might encourage them to do the same and make healthy change in their lives,” she added during the interview.  By sharing her own story through ‘Rebel Rising‘, Wilson aspires to inspire others to make positive changes in their lives and embrace healthier habits.

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