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    The Boys: What Are The Powers Of Soldier Boy? Can He Kill Homelander?

    The Boys season 3 has introduced a new and powerful superhero, Soldier Boy. Fans are already pitching him against the Homelander, the most powerful superhero in ‘The Boys’ universe. According to the fan theories, he can withstand his ground against Homelander. So, let’s dig into the origin story of the superhero and find out if he can really outgun the ‘Only God In The Sky’.

    In 2006, Garth Ennis and Darick Robertson launched The Boys, a comic book series based on the spoof characters from DC and Marvel comics. Set in a universe where superheroes exist and have generally become corrupted by the culture of popularity around them, Billy Butcher and his friends take it upon themselves to call them to account, by any means necessary.

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    What Are The Powers Of Soldier Boy?

    Soldier Boy
    Soldier Boy

    A spoof of Marvel’s Captain America, Soldier Boy is the commander of Payback. While Homelander possesses extraordinary talents that can be equally as harmful as his, he doesn’t have the same filtering abilities. In terms of strength and indestructibility, he is at par with Homelander but he does not possess the ability to fly.

    As a World War II veteran, he represents toxic masculinity and patriotism. Soldier Boy, according to Grace Mallory, is also the most stupid member of Payback. As well as having superhuman strength and agility, he has anti-aging skills and is an adept marksman. He can also release energy blasts from his chest. 

    In order to prove his brutality, Soldier Boy murdered M.M.’s family. Even though he has been presumed dead since 1984, the U.S. remembers him as a hero because of his heroics in the wake of the Chornobyl nuclear disaster. Jensen Ackles, widely known for his role as Dean Winchester in the television series Supernatural, plays Soldier Boy in the Amazon Prime Video’s ‘The Boys’.

    Can He Kill Homelander?

    Soldier Boy vs Homelander
    Soldier Boy vs Homelander

    Soldier Boy, who appeared in a flashback scene in episode 3 as a new super, only adds to the intrigue of The Boys. No one in The Boys can reasonably stand up to Homelander because he is the show’s most powerful super. The ending of episode 4 revealed that Soldier Boy was not killed by Russians in Nicaragua but they captured him. The story revealed that they did some kind of experimentation on the superhero making him even more destable and powerful. So now the question is, How would he and Homelander fare in a fight?

    A comparison between Billy Butcher’s description of Soldier Boys’ strength and Homelander’s strength in the live-action series suggests that the character in question will be far stronger and more durable compared to his comics counterpart. He is undoubtedly the second-strongest figure in the story, perhaps even more powerful than Stormfront and Queen Maeve. Only time will tell if he goes against Homelander or not but if he does it will be an epic duel.

    Homelander is by far the strongest and most enduring of all the supes we’ve seen in The Boys thus far. Homelander has never been demonstrated to have sustained a significant amount of damage that would have resulted in his death. The show has established Homelander as an indestructible being who can not be killed. So the probability of Soldier Boy killing Homelander is not very good.

    The next episode of ‘The Boys’ will stream on Amazon Prime Video on Friday, June 17.

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