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    “This Is Ridiculous”- People Are Unhappy Over Special Treatment To The Kardashians At Disneyland

    Kim Kardashian, an American media personality, socialite, model, and businesswoman has a huge fan following. The reality tv star is famous for her fashion sense, entrepreneurship, and also for controversy. Not only her, but the other Kardashians also command a humungous fanbase. Keeping up with The Kardashians has formed an elevated fan following among the family.

    The show aims at showing the Kardashian lifestyle which includes a lot of controversies. The new version of the reality tv show is currently airing on Hulu with the new name, The Kardashians.

    The Kardashians Create Ruckus At Disneyland 

    Kim and Khloé Kardashian
    Kim and Khloé Kardashian

    Recently, Kim and Khloé Kardashian took their family to Disneyland earlier this week to celebrate True Thompson’s fourth birthday. Chicago West, the SKIMS creator’s youngest daughter, and Rob Kardashian’s daughter Dream were among the children who attended the gathering. The two sisters recorded their time at the amusement park, posting videos and photos of themselves on attractions like It’s A Small World, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, and the Mad Tea Party.

    They appeared to be having a great time! But, while the reality television family appeared to be having a great time, it turns out that other guests were not having as much fun at the Happiest Place on Earth. Fans have taken to social media to criticize Kim and Khloé for the unique treatment they received at Disneyland.

    What Was The Root Cause Of The Controversy?

    Kim Kardashian at Disneyland
    Kim Kardashian at Disneyland

    One individual with the handle @shesbrewing released a video in which she stated that the Kardashians not only bypassed the line but also made other guests wait so they wouldn’t have to ride with anyone else. Yes, you are right! They only used three of the 18 teacups and made the rest of the visitors wait. So it was safe to say that everyone was furious about this! “When the Kardashians cut the line, get the ride to themselves, and let us common folk wait and watch them… typical,” said @shesbrewing.

    The Kardashians and their attendants can be seen in the video spinning about in the teacups while others wait in line for the group to finish. Someone in the background could even be heard complaining about the scenario, stating, “That is ridiculous.”

    To make matters even more unpleasant, no one seemed to be enjoying themselves on the journey! The social media user and her family were eventually able to connect: “It seemed like forever. We finally got on after 30 minutes.”

    Of course, fans instantly jumped into the video’s comments section to chastise Kim and Khloé for the unnecessary wait:

    “Why couldn’t anyone else ride at the same time?”

    “They honestly think their royalty”

    “That’s so embarrassing”

    “Don’t they feel awkward with people just waiting while they spin in lil tea cups lol”

    Others remarked that Cardi B and Princess Diana did not behave in this manner when they visited Disneyland:

    “The fact that PRINCESS DIANA didn’t even do this”

    “Why can’t they do what Cardi did? She had a security ride so everyone else could too.”

    “Cardi was on the ride with everyone, just had her security ride alone. This is weird idk how they’re not a part of cancel culture.”

    This wasn’t the only occasion that no other guests could be observed on the Kardashians’ issues. They also seemed to be riding alone on It’s A Small World that day! While many people appeared to be irritated by the situation, others were quick to point out that the team must have paid extra for the VIP treatment.

    “They probably paid for a guided tour, which anyone with a guided tour would get the same treatment.”

    “I heard they pay 3 grand extra per person for that! I mean if this was your business you would allow it too. Don’t lie”

    “They paid for that service. If y’all had money y’all would do the same.”

    Wrapping up to this, people found it unfair and might not attend or go anywhere Kardashians are available. The families and friends must have gone for recreation but ended up staying in a queue waiting. 

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