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    “This Is What My Entire Life Is Going To Be”: Elliot Page On Facing Pressure From Hollywood Royalty To Remain Closeted For The Sake Of His Career

    Elliot Page’s decision to come out had to wait because it could have ruined his career. In his memoir ‘Pageboy,’ the Canadian actor goes into detail about constantly being told to stay closeted and how this pressure adversely affected his sense of self. 

    As a minor, Elliot Page found herself in situations where she was forcibly asked for sex by crew members. Two of the crew members isolated Page and sexually harassed her. Page also writes about being groomed by a filmmaker as a minor. 

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    Elliot Page On Being Asked To Hide His Sexuality

    The Canadian actor's struggle with his sexuality received no support from Hollywood
    The Canadian actor’s struggle with his sexuality received no support from Hollywood

    Elliot Page is looking back at when he was discouraged by the gatekeepers of Hollywood to come out. Not only was he asked to remain closeted, but he was forced to take up roles that were inauthentic to her. He also laments that he was never present in the rooms where decisions about him were made. 

    Page writes in his memoir ‘Pageboy,’ “Cis, trans, whatever – it doesn’t matter: the actor being told not to be your authentic self was a constant, and quite frankly it made me extremely unwell. I think back to the degree of how closeted I was and I’m just like: wow. It’s like watching a movie in my head. It was so extreme, and so were the feelings. I believed at certain points: ‘This is what my entire life is going to be.”

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    Elliot Page’s Traumatic Experience On The Set Of ‘Hard Candy’

    Elliot Page in ‘Hard Candy’

    While working on the 2005 film ‘Hard Candy,’ Elliott Page was continuously harassed by two production crew members. Page, only 17 then, told The Guardian about a nice gesture that turned into a “traumatic” incident. Elliott Page was given a ride by a crew member, but he wouldn’t forget what happened next for the rest of his life. 

    Elliot Page told the newspaper, “His voice sweet, his hands on my shoulders, he guided me to the bedroom. I went stiff. Unsure what to do as he stood tall and removed his glasses. He laid me down on the bed. I froze. After it was over, he tried to stay in the bed with me. I had thawed marginally and told him he couldn’t, to get out.” He was also harassed by a female crew member who tried to kiss him forcibly.

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