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    Travis And Jason Kelce Announce Hiatus For Their Hit Podcast ‘New Heights’. Here’s Why

    Travis Kelce is perhaps at the peak of his career with the sudden peak in his fame and success since he started dating pop star Taylor Swift. While the lady luck is definitely making his life better, his own efforts — be it on or off the football field — are shining through.

    After winning the Super Bowl this year, Kelce has already set foot in the world of acting. Besides, his podcast with brother Jason Kelce also garners a heavy viewership with their commentary about anything and everything. While the two NFL stars are seemingly acing as podcasters, they are reportedly going on a small hiatus. Here’s why.

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    Why Are Travis And Jason Kelce Taking A Podcast Break?

    Jason and Travis Kelce
    Jason and Travis Kelce

    NFL superstars and brothers Travis and Jason Kelce have announced a temporary break for their popular podcast, ‘New Heights’ despite it going quite well. However, the announcement comes in the wake of the Kansas City Chiefs’ training camp, that Travis would soon be fully immersed.

    The duo announced their decision to put their show on hold in the season 2 finale of their show, which aired on Wednesday, July 3. Jason, the 36-year-old Philadelphia Eagles center, kicked off the episode with the news.

    We got a nice couple months off from podcasting because, I guess, in three weeks’ time Travis will be in the middle of training camp,” he said. “And let me tell you, not enough time to do a podcast, especially the best podcast in the world. He’s gonna be busy focusing on football, getting in shape for this upcoming season. So we’re gonna be off for about two months,” he added.

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    Travis Kelce Promises His Podcast Audiences A Return

    Travis and Jason Kelce
    Travis and Jason Kelce

    Travis Kelce is a pivotal player for the Kansas City Chiefs and his contribution to the upcoming game naturally holds high value. The tight end however reassured the podcast listeners that the duo would return soon. “I’m down to pick it up once we’re done with training camp,” he said, with Jason suggesting a potential return by the end of August.

    The brothers also encouraged fans to stay tuned to their social media channels for updates and possible releases of unseen footage. “That’s terrifying if you ask me, but should be entertainment, nonetheless,” Travis jokingly said of the unseen footage.

    Other than the news, something else also caught fans’ attention during the podcast episode. Some of them couldn’t help but notice Travis’s apparent distraction during the episode, speculating that Taylor Swift might have been present in the recording studio.

    Despite fans’ hopes, neither Swift nor Travis has hinted at her appearing as a guest on the podcast. For now, the singer’s potential guest spot remains a possibility, while fans return for the sibling duo to return soon.

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