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    “He’s A Neanderthal That Wears Flip Flops In Winters”: Travis Kelce Trashes Brother Jason Kelce For His Style

    The stage is set for another Kelce Bowl. However, this time, Travis Kelce‘s Kansas City Chiefs will face off against his brother Jason Kelce‘s Philadelphia Eagles. While sibling rivalry is sure to be fierce on the field, it translates into hilarious and sometimes savage trash talk.  

    Recently Travis Kelce seemingly couldn’t couldn’t resist poking fun at Jason’s, shall we say, unique fashion sense. The Kelce brothers’ journey to the NFL is a story of unwavering support and friendly competition. However, that doesn’t stop the constant sibling teasing.

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    Travis Kelce Claims That Despite Being Brothers, Him And Jason Kelce Have Very Less In Common

    Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce
    Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce

    During a recent interview with Good Morning America’s Will Reeve, Travis Kelce threw a little, playful jab at brother Jason Kelce’s style. “If you looked at us on two different teams, you really didn’t even think we were brothers. We just had the same last name.”

    “Just because he’s like, the Neanderthal that wears flip flops in the winter and doesn’t even care what he looks like and I like to throw on fashionable stuff and have fun,” Travis said of his brother.

    “At the end of the day,” Travis said with a grin, “we both want to win. But hey, a little brotherly ribbing never hurt anyone, right?” he said rhetorically. Travis and Jason, despite being on different teams, have never let it affect their relationship. If only one of them wins, the other brother is there to offer his unwavering support.

    However, what would be a sibling relationship without some teasing? While Travis is somewhat of a fashion icon showing off his designer looks with his girlfriend Taylor Swift, Jason’s style is very humble.

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    Travis Kelce Previously Gifted Jason Kelce A Hilarious Gift Mocking His Style 

    Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce
    Travis Kelce and Jason Kelce

    This isn’t the first time Travis Kelce has taken a playful jab at his brother’s fashion choices. Last year, when the Chiefs and Eagles first met in the Kelce Bowl, Travis gifted Jason a custom-made “fashion consultant” jersey.

    Jason, ever the good sport, responded by wearing Travis’ jersey inside out and backward. Their playful barbs have become a source of amusement for fans and a testament to their close relationship. 

    Moreover, there’s no doubt that the upcoming Kelce Bowl will be filled with more lighthearted trash talk. Jason might show up to the game rocking an Eagles jersey with questionable alterations and Travis might offer his brother some much-needed “caveman couture” advice.   

    However, beneath the playful jabs lies a deep respect. Travis acknowledges his brother’s talent. “Jason’s one of the best centers in the league, no question about it,” he said with admiration. “He’s the anchor of that Eagles team, and I know going up against him will be a challenge.”

    Jason, for his part, has also spoken about his immense pride in his brother’s accomplishments as well. 

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