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    Jason Kelce Prefers Commando Life, Says Underwear Is “Unnecessary And Problematic”

    Well, well, if it isn’t Philadelphia Eagles’ own Jason Kelce making headlines for his commando lifestyle! Throw the fashion trends out the window, comfort is the ultimate goal in Older Kelce’s book. On the latest episode of the Kelce brothers’ podcast, he revealed that he prefers to go panty-less, ahm.. I mean underwear less. 

    During a candid podcast chat with brother Travis Kelce about a sponsor of the podcast, who happens to run an underwear company. Jason Kelce spilled some hot tea as he revealed his no-underwear policy. “I do not wear underwear, and I don’t wear underwear based on comfort,” he boldly declared. Can’t argue with that logic!

    The Eagles center said he finds underwear “unnecessary and problematic” for the freedom his “boys” like to enjoy. Now that’s a whole new level of commitment to the comfort of the boys. And even with the podcast sponsorship nudging him toward underwear, Jason stands firm. “I don’t think that’s going to change,” he said, drawing a line under his preference. You do you, Jason!

    But wait, there’s an exception to this commando rule. When it’s gym time, Jason’s all about those compression shorts. “My thighs chafe,” he admitted. A man of practicality, indeed! 

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    Jason Kelce’s Dip In Chili To Get His Lost Super Bowl Ring

    Former NFL star Jason Kelce talking about losing his Super Bowl ring
    Former NFL star Jason Kelce talking about losing his Super Bowl ring

    hold the phone still! Jason is not out of tales just yet. Further into the episode the Philadelphia Eagles legend brought one out of the box from a wild New Heights event in Cincinnati. What wild thing happened at this event you ask? He managed to lose his prized Super Bowl ring in a pool of chili. Yes, you heard that right.

    The now-retired NFL star said, “This game existed because I continually lose my Super Bowl ring.” The girl dad of three sporty princesses admitted, “I legitimately lost my Super Bowl ring in this event.” and they couldn’t find it. Nope, not a trace. “We have still yet to find it,” adding that all the chili-filled stuff has been tossed away. So now, he’s pretty sure his Super Bowl ring is chilling in a landfill somewhere around Cincinnati.

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