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    Jason Kelce And Kylie Kelce’s Valentine’s Day Was Filled With Love, Laughter And A Tinder Throwback

    Are you ready for another cute love story? Well, turns out Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift aren’t the only ones with a rom-com script. The older Kelce brother Jason Kelce and his wife Kylie Kelce also have a beautiful love story. 

    The Philadelphia Eagles center and Kylie celebrated Valentine’s Day with a dash of humor and a nod to the beginning of their love story. From a dating app to being married for almost six years with three daughters, they revealed much about their lives. 

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    Jason Kelce And Kylie’s Tinder Story

    Jason Kelce on Kylie Kelce's Instagram Story
    Jason Kelce on Kylie Kelce’s Instagram Story

    In a mandatory V-day Instagram share, Kylie captured Jason donning a sweatshirt featuring the Tinder logo. If the logo and Jason’s smile weren’t a giveaway then Kylie’s caption did it by referencing the couple’s first date from the dating app. The Instagram story was captioned, “Are you kidding me with this?” Writing, “Never forget where you came from…” placing it just before the logo on Jason’s sweatshirt.

    The couple discovered each other through Tinder. Jason’s choice of attire, the Tinder sweatshirt, became a conversation starter and a sweet reminder of their first date. Kylie and Jason have disclosed on his podcast ‘New Heights’ before how their first date went. Being the master that Jason is at first impressions, he fell asleep on during the date.

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    Kelces At The Super Bowl

    Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce at the Super Bowl
    Jason Kelce and Kylie Kelce at the Super Bowl

    The Kelces spent the weekend in Las Vegas passionately cheering for Jason’s brother, Travis Kelce, and the victorious Kansas City Chiefs at Super Bowl LVIII. Jason who plays for the Philadelphia Eagles was adorned in red and gold Chiefs overalls to show support for his brother. In contrast, Kylie sported a red University of Cincinnati shirt, cleverly steering clear of directly endorsing the Chiefs. Looks like Kylie is a much more loyal and dedicated Eagles fan than the player Jason himself. 

    Kylie has grown up watching football with her father and has been supporting the Eagles since she could remember. She has also famously pledged in a documentary never to wear gear from any other NFL team. Still, she showed her love for brother-in-law Trav by wearing red and cheering for him.

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