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    “It Will Translate Into Life As A Whole”: Kylie Kelce Talks About Parenting Three Daughters With Jason Kelce In A Very Athletic Family 

    Growing up in a family of athletes the Kelce kids have one option clear ahead of them, but if they wanna take it or not is their choice.  In a touchdown of revelations, Kylie Kelce, wife of Philadelphia Eagles center Jason Kelce, opened up about her future plans for their kids.

    The 31-year-old NFL wife who makes occasional appearances on her husband and brother-in-law’s podcast ‘New Heights’ is speaking separately. Kylie is known for her calm and rational demeanor which perfectly balances out with her husband Jason’s ‘let me take my shirt off and jump out of the suit’ one.

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    Kylie Kelce On Raising Future Athletes

    Kylie Kelce in her college's Hockey Team
    Kylie Kelce in her college’s Hockey Team

    In an exclusive interview with Glamour, the candid mom-of-three dished out some unexpected details just ahead of the Super Bowl. Kylie, who has been married to Jason for nearly six years, gave fans a peek into her parenting playbook. Expressing her aspirations for their daughters, she shared, “I do hope they become athletes, probably selfishly, but also because there are so many things involved in sport that translate into real life.” With three little ones, Wyatt Elizabeth, Elliotte Ray, and Bennett Llewellyn, Kylie dreams of instilling teamwork, goal-setting, and camaraderie through sports.

    Kylie herself has had some time on the field during her college days. The former college field hockey star emphasized the broader life lessons sports provide stating, “The tools that they’re learning, being on a team, working toward a common goal, and doing it together is something that will translate into the workplace. It will translate into life as a whole.”

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    Jason Kelce’s Hidden Musical Talent

    Kylie and Jason Kelce with their three Daughters
    Kylie and Jason Kelce with their three Daughters

    Unveiling a surprising facet of Jason’s persona, Kylie shared a well-guarded secret about her husband’s hidden musical talent. She revealed, “He was a competition jazz band member, so he was a well-rounded guy. Not a lot of people know that, but he played the baritone saxophone.” Jason Kelce, known for his prowess on the football field, once showcased his musical flair with the sax. 

    So if the kids wanna go for arts they have all the support in the world. And taking from the speed Taylor-Travis love story is taking leaps, the kids might just get a popstar aunt to guide them ahead. As the Kelce family embraces a multifaceted approach to life, blending sports and the arts, Kylie remains grounded. “We’ll try everything just to see what sticks,” she quipped, echoing their commitment to encouraging their daughters’ diverse interests.

    On living life under the spotlight, Kylie shared, “I have no filter, and people think they’re getting the inside scoop when I appear on the podcast,”. Talking about the humorous side of her relationship with Jason and his brother, Travis Kelce and acknowledging the brothers’ candidness on their podcast. She joked, “The boys rat themselves out every single week. They’re very self-aware individuals. It’s kind of entertaining.”

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