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    “Very Rude”: Camila Cabello Responds To Football Fans Booing Her During UEFA Performance, Deletes Tweet Later

    After being booed at the Champions League final, Camila Cabello removed a tweet directed at Liverpool and Real Madrid supporters. Cabello was scheduled to sing at the opening ceremony, but her appearance was a bust as Reds fans struggled to get access to the Stade de France.

    As UEFA went about their pre-match rituals, seemingly unconcerned with what was going on outside, spectators inside the stadium vented their displeasure by booing and singing over Cabello. That apparently irritated the Senorita singer. This can be seen as she later expresses her displeasure in a tweet before hastily deleting it owing to the negative response.

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    Why Did Camila Cabello Delete The Tweet Addressing The Booing?

    The deleted tweet
    The deleted tweet

    The tweet is now off the internet domain. The tweet is off because it is posted by someone with access to Camila’s account. The person had the intention of posting it on their own account but by mistake did it on Camila’s.

    “Very rude but whatever. IM GLAD YOU GUYS LOVED IT.”

    Camila Cabello’s Tweet

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    Camila Corrects The Mistake, But How?

    Well, the Havana singer backed down even further by applauding the crowd’s explosive energy in a tweet. On Twitter, football fans chastised UEFA for hiring Cabello and attempting to make the Champions League final “too American” by booking her.

    One of the users stated that no one who follows football cares about Camila Cabello’s performance. Because they are not Americans and it is football, the user demands that such things be avoidable.

    A scene from Camilla's performance
    A scene from Camilla’s performance

    The match against Real Madrid was postponed on Saturday. That too with Liverpool fans battling to get in due to poor organization outside the stadium. While on the other hand, Real Madrid supporters were waiting for the match to start.

    Cabello’s decision to sing after all of the delays, when she could have played while fans waited patiently for the game, was a poor one. This merely adds salt to injury for fans who already went through pepper-sprayed and tear gas by police, even after standing in line for hours.

    The booing towards the Cuban artist is most likely not personal. This is because the boos are towards the performance, which is unnecessary after the long delay. The two things somehow caught Camila in between.

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