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    Victoria Beckham Has A Hilarious Reaction To Becoming A Grandmother

    Time is ticking fast even for our Hollywood divas. The now mothers will soon be grandmothers and that’s a question that makes most run for the hill. How do you imagine the iconic Spice Girl as a granny? Victoria Beckhams reaction to far-fetched grandmotherhood is just as posh as her. 

    The 49-year-old fashionista and mom of four hasn’t had a flop era since she started her climb. After living the popstar life, being the perfect wife and mother of her four beautiful children, the next era comes with knitting needles and yarn but as Victoria Beckham, we know she’ll turn it into the next burning trend. 

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    Spice Girl As A Granny? Not There Yet 

    David and Victoria Beckham with son Brooklyn and his wide Nicola Peltz
    David and Victoria Beckham with son Brooklyn and his wide Nicola Peltz

    The Posh Spice girl aka Victoria Beckham, recently had an interesting chat with Vogue. Somehow the topic of conversation drifted to Victoria’s approaching grandmotherhood which caught her off guard. Well now with her oldest son Brooklyn is married to Nicola Peltz, another addition to the family is not that far-fetched of a thought. Other than 24-year-old Brooklyn Beckham, she and David share three more children. The 21-year-old Romeo, 18-year-old Cruz, and their youngest, 12-year-old Harper complete the Bechkam family. 

    Now having another name added to the list prompted Victoria’s sassy and hilarious response: “Jesus. What?! Woo. Hang on. I don’t think it’s happening just yet.” She continued sharing whatever little thought she gave to the matter saying, “The last time I was with [Vogue editor] Anna, I was like, ‘Anna, what do your grandchildren call you?’ And she said to me, ‘Anna.’ And I was like, well that is very elegant, so maybe I’ll take that route.” Victoria concluded saying, “But it’s not happening just yet. But, you know, hopefully one day if I am blessed, then that would be wonderful. But we’re not there just yet!”

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    Victoria And David Beckham On Parenting  

    David Beckham and Victoria Beckham
    David Beckham and Victoria Beckham

    Amidst the laughter, Vic also shared the mechanics of how to and how not to advise the children. In a world where marriages snap faster than twigs, David and Victoria have been going strong for almost 25 years. The couple first met in 1997 and after two years of dating, tied the knot in 1999.

    She emphasized the importance of communication and unwavering support when it comes to the family. “Communication is key, and be there to support them, support him and Nicola,” she shared. Refraining from offering explicit advice, Victoria highlighted her and David’s approach: “Me and David, we’re always just there.”

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