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    Was Twitter Deal Of Elon Musk An Attempt To Cover Up His Personal Scandals? Here’s What We Know

    Elon Musk, the king of controversies has always been way too strategic to maintain his image in front of his 100 million followers. Recently, It was revealed that he had twins with one of his employees while he was in a relationship with another woman with whom he had a baby just a few weeks later.

    Many fans are doubting that maybe Musk was trying to cover up his personal scandals behind his infamous Twitter deal. The very deal which has convinced people completely that he was going to buy Twitter and was ruling the headlines for quite a long time.

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    The Tweet That Raised A Question On The True Intentions Of Elon Musk

    Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    The tech mogul recently started bad-mouthing the Democrats. He even declared to the whole world his complete support for the Republicans. Soon after that Musk disclosed his intentions of buying Twitter. The Tesla CEO was ready to give almost $44 billion to buy Twitter. Soon after that Musk said that “anything that comes out in the next few weeks is a political hit-job”. Now he is trying to back off from the deal which has raised a lot of questions.

    One person wrote a Twitter thread and claimed, “So when Elon Musk pretended to buy Twitter and exclaimed “anything that comes out in the next few weeks is a political hit-job” — was all to cover up for having twins with his employee?”

    Many are speculating that this whole Twitter deal was a hoax to cover up his scandals which he knew will surface. Like having twins with the top executive Shivon Zilis, who works in his company Neuralink. Not only that the tech mogul was also in a relationship with a Canadian singer, Grimes at that time who gave birth to his baby daughter just a few weeks later.

    The View Of Fans On The Matter

    Elon Musk
    Elon Musk

    The fans are letting their opinions known over Twitter. One fan wrote, “Then he runs to see the Pope for additional cover? Can’t make this shit up!” Another wrote, “Elon Musk come into limelight as investor, innovator,smart strategist with ability/skills to move world manufacturing towards green revolution that will change the world & end dirty fossil fuels & help tackle global warming. That hope over several years has faded into oblivion.”

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